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Is Yahoo Run by Chimps?


Eating heart-healthy, low-calorie foods and exercising is the key to losing weight regardless of levels of protein, fat or carbohydrates, a new study has found.

No shit?

They had an article yesterday about their revolutionary study. The result:
Alcohol may be linked to certain types of cancer

well fuck me sideways

And then there are their dating articles with some Tyra Banks - esque motherfucker telling guys not to chew with their mouths open.




Some of the shit they post makes me think so, but then again, it is my homepage...






They didn't give any advice on when to fling poo?

I'm so lost now.......


I liked the article they ran where kids with no lunch money were being given free milk and cheese sandwiches. They made it sound evil. When I was a youngin, if we didn't bring no money, we had to mooch from our friends.


That article pissed me off. Cheap ass parents getting all up in arms because someone gave their kid a free meal. (I say cheap and not poor because poor kids are covered by the free lunch program.)


They were just poor enough to feel entitled. You'd think they'd be grateful.


whats wrong with free food? parents are weird these days, mine included


when i was in high school i prayed for a free lunch. and so did my parents for that matter! between the age of 8 and 16 i was eating like a starved growing lion. any free meals were a break on the check book.

some people have a misconception of pride.


I heard that the CEO of Yahoo ripped an employee's testicles off.


If you dont have your pathetic pride.. what do you have? oh yeah starving children of course..


Google FTW


its not an "either/or" type of thing


actually no, its run by me. what do you need?


next you'll want to tell everyone that the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent


No, I don't think we'll be telling them that. Hoo hoo ha ha!