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Is Xyience Any Good?


im a big fan of ufc, and i saw all these commercials for Xyience, so i figure what the hell ill go to the site and take a look. has anyone here tried any of their products? i thought about ordering some of their creatine, since i just got RIPPED OFF by fuckin gnc.... anyway, input would be great


Was there creatine CHEAP like monohydrate or is it some hyped "super creatine." If so its a rip off. Stick to the tried and true. No need to blow your money on bells and whistles.


well its EVOLVE triphosphate.... apparently it dissolves much better so it is absorbed alot better... whatdya think?


Hey GOS,

I'd stick with just straight creatine


Honestly, I was a little disappointed that their product line was completely unoriginal.

I discuss "wonder creatines" in an article due out any day now. They are not so wonderous...


Yeah, but the prices are stupendous! Doesn't that qualify as wonderous?


Why would something need to disolve in water to be absorbed?

I don't believe that most of the food I eat would disolve in water and I don't seem to have much of a problem absorbing it.


It does in Vegas anyway.


eh for the price of some of their suppelements it is just crazy. For instance, the NOX-CG3...big NO/creatine/glutamine mix...yea seems like good stuff, tastes pretty dang good, the price...$120...fuck that....they are like max muscle but with a smaller line...and max muscle sucks...


Oh man don't go there.
Max muscle doesn't suck.
They fuck!!
They fuck over every single customer that comes in the door and then fuck them once more when they leave
F- Max muscle


So, you're not a fan of Max Muscle. Ha ha. I've heard that they are a rip off.


now c'mon...how do you really feel? :slight_smile:


I choose not to support a supplement company that boasts "I can feel the pump for hours!" from a worthless NO supplement, and to boot has this phrase exclaimed by a guy who doesn't even look like he lifts weights.

For the record, I'm very aware that Chuck Lidell could kick my ass, but his physique looks like mine in 6th grade...


It could be good, but my guess is that Biotest is better.


For the price of that stuff it had better be laced with cocaine and have a free prize inside consisting of rare and valuable jewels.


"apparently it dissolves much better so it is absorbed alot better"

I was wondering about this too. Let's say the same about coca-cola. Steak can dissolve much better in coca-cola better than it can in water, so it is absorbed a lot better.

Okay the joke is finished on new age Xyience (or however it's spelled).


i've never tried any of their stuff...it seems pretty pricey, but i know most GNC's have 100% refund if you don't like a product.


Really? Damn. I threw away some kind of GNC brand creatine crap a while back that tasted like opened-asshole. Shoulda just stuck with the monohydrate but I got sucked in by the marketing.


Um, which Biotest creatine would that be? I doubt they are going to make a creatine product. The market is already saturated, and you can't make a "better" creatine product, so any claims to that effect would be mere hype. I have a bit more respect for Biotest's supplements than that.


Which is exactly why they don't make one. See DB's new article at the top of the main page, all your questions will be answered.