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Is Weightlifting a Waste of Time?

is time a human construct? prior to humans on the scene, did time not exist?

From what I understand time only exists if you observe it. For instance - if the whole world went blind over night and there were not no beings in all existence that could see, colours would not exist.
Of course we’d all remember them - and its a “crude” example but you get the thought experiment / point.


And I think this is only true in most cases and depending on how you define observe. We can see a black hole’s event horizon, but not the black hole itself. From what I understand time is non existent inside of a black hole. To an outside observer, an object moving towards the event horizon will never actually make it to the black hole as the time is so warped that it becomes infinitely slow.

I could be totally wrong here. Astro physics is a tough thing to be precise with and also correct.

Is it possible to live forever by other peoples standards by approaching a black hole? Might not be a benefit to you though as it would go rather quickly? You get sucked in as all civilization watches you for as long as civilization exists.

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Didn’t some ppl win a big prize or something for “taking a picture” of a black hole?

Everything took place the same way, we just measure its rate of passage and communicate with each other about it.

So all of the stuff that we’ve created to communicate and measure its rate of passage (as we currently understand it) are the human constructs.

Im still waiting on the ability to separate space and time and manipulate its rate of passage.

That way we could have things that exist in the same place at different rates of time, and travel through space without the constraint of a second per second rate of passage.

Objection! By saying “prior to humans”, we are already affirming the existence of time in our question asking if time exists.


I think that when that happened it was reported that we saw a black hole. I think what was actually captured was the event horizon (the thing around the black hole). A black hole can’t reflect light or omit light, so there is no way to see it.

I could be totally wrong here. Just my understanding of the physics.

From this article

The image, which shows an orange ring around a round, black silhouette, is of the black hole at the centre of Messier 87 (M87), a galaxy 50 million light-years from Earth. This black hole is one of the most massive known: it’s six billion times more massive than our sun.

My take is we see a dark sphere. I think we are observing absence, not presence of light, so I would say we don’t see it, only the event horizon (the ring).

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That is the most engineer response I could have imagined :laughing:

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Have you seen the movie Event Horizon? Legit terrifying IMO.


no- I stay away from sci- fi. Even talking to grad students in AI give me anxiety…

One of my favorites!


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Honestly - fuck that movie. I had nightmares last time I watched it. I was in my 30’s.

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It’s not like an infinite possibilities thing. That freaks my wife out too.

It’s more like an unforseen difficulty type plot.

It got crapped on a bunch when new, but it is very good at what it set out to do (be a terrifying film). I showed it to my wife, and now she will never watch it again. I won’t watch it by myself, so I’ll have to find someone else to trick into watching it.

Here is a teaser for you.

The first comment on YouTube is amazing.



Time dilatation is an amazing thing.

If we were in a room with a white board and marker I have been shows a few ways of understanding it. But yes in essence everything you have said is true.

If you want REALLY messed up - there was an experiment recently that proved gravitational waves exist. And this means - you can arrive at a location before you set of.

If you have the time or inclination I would recommend “A brief history of time” or even “A briefer history of time”.
All this is explained really well and is pretty accessable.


It’s actually based on a real series of occurrences.

They had a hard time settling on a title. Toss up between “Event Horizon” and “Deus ex Machina: The biography of Arthur Jones”.


I LOL’d at that.


How do gravitational waves make this possible? I have heard about this being possible with worm holes.

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