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Is Weightlifting a Waste of Time?

I stumbled onto this. I am not going to pay to read this, and it smells of a printed infomercial, but I am going to scan through it just for s and giggles

Yep, definitely a sales pitch. Dude is inventor of this thing:

Don’t see why I couldn’t do the same thing with bands and barbells.Also, I see ads for this crazy thing on my social media all the time.


I keep seeing this on Amazon. I just assumed it was propaganda by @Cyrrex to try and keep me small and weak.


Haha! This is the band-training guy who has spent a ton of money advertising on social media.

it’s a rubber band, a metal bar and a plate, thing can’t cost more than $40 bucks to manufacture - his markup is nuts.

TRIPLE your gainz! That’s even better than steroids, cos they only DOUBLE your gainz!


According to that guy, you are 7 times stronger than you think. Well in your case, more like 1.7 times.

Yes - its 100% a waste of time. As is everything else in the face of the eventual heat death of the universe.


More terrifying is the vacuum decay end of the universe - may occur at any time if our “Higgs Field” gets bumped out of its current energy state to a lower one. We would all cease to exist almost instantly.


Somehow, I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously.


We are talking about the eventual end of the WHOLE universe. Every thing.

I’m taking it very seriously.

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Now wait wait…

I get the musculoskeletal loading thing…but how did he manage to come up with solely band resistance from trying to figure out how he could help his mother with bone density loss?

I mean yeah we here can definitely point out hundreds of issues wrong with this, but like…
My goodness man. What about Olympic lifters? Those are the first group of people I can think of along with gymnasts to repeatedly subject their bodies to hundreds of pounds worth of loading. Cross fitters, powerlifters, strongmen, even other sports like basketball, freaking FOOTBALL, pole vaulters, those people that do insane feats of parkour…I mean endless activities.

Ehh…he’s marketing though. Kind of expected.

Only the thought is terrifying though. If it actually happens, it would be a great way to go.


Lol…just think you can get it around the low price of $550.

The guy definitely has a inflated concept of the value of his product.

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This is why so many people hate the fitness industry. You have a bunch of miracle promises and no real knowledge. This dude at least has a physical therapy background. What I don’t get is how every “influencer” on social media who has overcome an eating disorder is somehow now magically an elite trainer/coach.

Yeah… but unfortunately that’s doesn’t equal integrity. There are many with various levels of degrees that will push questionable stuff.

Pure personality… some of these Influencers I’m surprise can walk and chew bubble gum. That’s allot coming from me.

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Everything is a waste of time with enough nihilism!


funny that while I am reading through this thread, a gif on both sides of the screen show a girl doing hip thrusts with the bootysprout -

now that is some good advertising…

It can’t be a waste of time as time doesn’t exist.

It does, but only as a human construct. Space-time is relevant but not fundamental to paraphrase a physics book i read recently.