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Is Vitamin D3 Really Amazing to Have

I started taking 5000iu a week ago, the suplement cost me 99p for 90x500iu tabs so I thought that was a bargain, since I’m from the UK we’re probabaly all deficient in it.

Greetings from the UK.

I also take 5,000 iu’s daily since I agree that, since we live in the UK and I work indoors, we are likely all deficient in it. And I love it. That and ZMA are the only supplements I take year round, without fail.

I have been taking it at this level for maybe 7 years now and feel the better for it. I rarely get ill (last week is the first time in 7 years actually, a record I was sad to say bye to) and like to attribute my immune strength to not being d3 deficient.

Saying that I have found very different qualities, and in particular if the d3 isn’t oil suspended (so comes as a hard chalky tablet rather than a gel cap) I don’t feel the same benefit and there are those that suggest it is less bio-available in the non gel form. Cheaper isn’t always better with supplements.

Literally had it for 4 days and my wisdom teeth started coming through and that’s one hell of a coincidence

HA! growing wisdom teeth is a new side effect I haven’t heard of before. Maybe wisdom teeth actually come through once you have made enough good decisions in your life, and this was the one that put you over the line :wink:


Haha maybe but I heard it helps regulate calcium and with bone growth so it is quite the coincidence

D3 and fish oil are the two supps everybody should be taking


Isn’t there some other vitamin your body needs to absorb vitamin D correctly? Like vitamin K or some shit?

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Vitamins A, D, E and K all help you with absorbing fat so probabaly a mixture of them as they seem to work together

Yes - in theory you need calcium but it’s very rare that people are deficient in that

I thought it was the other way round? ie fat helps you absorb ADEK (the fat soluble vits).
I also started taking D @ 5,000 iu per day (with5g of fish oil) at first I thought I was sleeping better, now I’m not so sure… I’ going to do it for at least 3 months before deciding its good or not.
I’m in the UK too (NW England).

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I don’t think it really affects sleep so speak to your GP, You may be able to get prescribed diazepams

Apparently it does affect sleep, see Dr Stasha Gominak site

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I take 2,000iu vit D3 as well as fish oil and CoQ10 everyday.

I take 10,000 daily of Vit D3 as I tested deficient. I am also indoors all day.

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