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Is uncooked egg a nice protein source ?

Is uncooked egg a nice protein source ?

Not only is it a GREAT protein source, but it’s a great way to find yourself clinging to the shitter for dear life while you puke your spleen out.

My advice would be to stick to COOKED eggs. If you insist (or prefer) on having them cold and liquidy, buy egg-beaters or something like them, as they are pasteurized and that should help keep the food poisoning at bay (or at least greatly reduce your chances of getting very sick from the raw eggs).

You get more protein out of an egg that is cooked than raw.

yes it is

No, it’s not. John Berardi has stated that the body can’t “get” all the protein in uncooked egg, only around 50% can be utilized. He provided a study to back it up.

Plus there’s the risk of illness (i.e. you’ll be on the toilet for a week and lose 10 pounds.) You can use pasteurized egg products (Egg Beaters) but still, you’ll only getting half the protein listed on the label- not economical.

Not that I’m disagreeing with hetyey225, no sir. As everyone knows, he’s much more knowledgeable that the entire T-mag staff put together. (cough, cough)

Oki thank a lot for your answer…
I hate cook eggs, it’s to long hehe
I prefer eat 4-5 eggs uncooked before breakfast.
But now I will cook it…


And do you eat the yellow in the egg or just the white ?
Me I just eat the white.
Do you know how many protein have the white egg only ?

Whole Egg - 75cal. 6prot,1carb,5fat

Egg White - 16cal. 3prot,0carb,0fat

Sure its a great protein source…for salmonella poisoning.

.01 per gram, I consider that a pretty good buy. he did not ask if cooked is better and he did not ask about any dangers. the Q was is it a "nice" protien source. for .o1 per gram I’ll stick with my answer.I guess he doesn’t have much of a prob now if he is eating 4-5 raw eggs a day now. and chris what the whole thing about the forum and personal atacks? oh well maybe some day I’ll be as smart as you (cough, cough)

Hetyey, are you trying to help or not? I’m sure regurgitated cat hairballs have a sufficient amount of BCAA’s but I would not suggest it to someone as a postworkout meal! Intelligence is NOT how clever you can be! The question was originally posted as an intention to EAT the eggs, most would agree this not a good idea to do often.

gee hetyey225, with your vast knowledge T-mag should be hiring you anytime now. (cough cough loser cough)

uncooked egg protein also depletes your body of the vitamin Biotin

He specifically asked if uncooked eggs were a good protein source. Drinking raw eggs is a great way to get yourself on the rain to Salmonellaville. Saying that it’s a good protein source could get someone sick, not to mention that it’s not nearly as absorbable as cooked eggs. By the way, whey protein concentrate comes out to a little less than $.01 a gram, and is probably a better protein source anyway.

Anyway... if you feel like you have to drink raw eggs for some reason, they sell pasteurized liquid eggs whites in most stores.

someone asked for an opinion and I gave it (I by the way eat my eggs runny and the yolk is never cooked and have had NO problems) then someone insults me and what? I should not respond? I think, thats right MY OPINION
still is that at .01 per gram its a “nice” protien source. and I also, an opinion, think whey protien is overrated, doesn’t make me a bad person, doesn’t make me stuppid (I will not waste alot of space and explain why I think its overrated but if another thread comes up I will give my OPINION). I have no prob with someone saying they are more knowledgeable about something then me. the little comment afterwards just shows there is a big difference betweem knowledge and IQ. peace

Oh hell, admit it hetyey, you got your “vast” level of knowledge called out and he made a fool out of you. You make yourself look even worse by all this back peddling and excuse making. You prove again and again that those who know very little always run their mouths the most. And you can’t even spell “stupid”, stupid.

Tell us, since you know everything and have a superior IQ, what all have you had published in this field? Why don’t you submit an article to T-mag and share some of that intellect? Or would you rather just be a know-it-all poster on a board and want to meet people for fights in real life? Submit an article. Put up or shut up.

I find it very hard to believe you’re in your 30’s. So much for all that wisdom comes with age crap. And none of that “the rules say no personal attacks” garbage. You dish it out, you can take it. You remind me of a schoolyard bully that gives everyone hell then goes crying to teacher when he finally gets socked in the mouth.

I’m not gonna get into the mud slinging here… but you’re not gonna get sick from uncooked eggs. Supermarket eggs are irratiated before they are sold, that sort of steralizes them (that may be the wrong term) I would not eat ‘from the farm’ eggs raw that were over a day old. My mom used to make orange shakes with raw eggs, I’ve never gotten sick from them. But ‘drinking’ raw eggs? YUK it’s like a giant ball of phlem!

For more info than you ever wanted to know about eggs, go here: http://www.aeb.org/safety/egg_handling_and_care_guide.html#Eggs and Food Safety

Summary: Salmonella is more rare these days but can still be a problem if eggs aren’t refrigerated or cooked properly. I got away with raw eggs for a long time in the 80’s, but it finally caught up with me. Like Chris said, I lost 10 pounds in a week. Mostly from dehydraton of course but I couldn’t train all week either because of the cramps. No more Rocky-style protein shakes for me!

Hetyey, by your rationalization, someone who has had lots of unprotected sex and not caught a STD never will either, right? I’m sure all of us would love to see you test that one out, assuming you can pay enough chicks to sleep with you.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing Salmonella poisoning firsthand, let me tell you, from experience, it’s not pleasant. And, Kelly, I got it from supermarket eggs. I used to eat up to 12 raw egg whites a day for a year or so before I ever got sick. So that’s alot of raw eggs, and I only got sick once, but once is all you need to convince you never to eat raw eggs again. Cook em.