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Is UFC Phony?


Watched UFC 75 on Spike today and a couple of things stood out: (1) one guy had another one down in a side mount, and the guy on the deck had totally exposed ribs...for quite a while. No punches or elbows. (2) Then, dude throws a leg kick, misses and spins.

No attack -- the other dude stands there with his dick in his hand. In either case, anyone here would have been on those openings like white on rice.

Finally (3) an English dude who appeared to get his ass beat (one judge scored it 30 to 27 for the American) got a split decision. Beyond bogus.

I think its the new 'Wrestling'. Bring back Haystack Calhoun and Dick the Bruiser.




you're a phony


the first fight you mentioned was Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson. in that fight when quinton was in side control yes i believe henderson's ribs were exposed but i think jackson was more focused on transitioning to full mount rather than landing a few measly elbows or punches (he wouldnt have been able to generate much power from that position anyway). also im pretty sure his hands were preoccupied with trying to subdue henderson.

in regards to henderson's leg kick when they were standing up:

  • it was an unexpected move so rampage was probably not ready to instantly react
  • it was i believe in the 4th or 5th round...these guys are very tired, so they aren't going to pounce on every opening like they would in the first or second round
  • rampage probably didnt want to take him down at that point, just stand and throw with him. rampage is very good at striking and in that fight he had definitely the edge in striking

the second fight was matt hamill vs. michael bisping. i agree with you, that fight was total bullshit. a lot of people think that bisping just got the decision because he was in the UK and they wanted to appease the audience. nevertheless many were outraged and there are several petitions and news articles online claiming that the decision was total bogus


so to sum up the second fight i probably would agree was fixed. the first fight, no, even though rampage won unanimously, it was still a pretty close fight. i dont think the ufc is fixed but i do think dana white has his favorites.

also in the beginning of your post you said
"In either case, anyone here would have been on those openings like white on rice."

you have to remember that these fighters are fighting five rounds and are constantly getting punched thrown and kicked. it is ridiculous to expect them to capitalize on every single opening possible. it just isnt possible. these guys are world class athletes and even they do make a couple mistakes. its a lot easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, otherwise everyone here would be in the ufc.

you probably havent been involved in any combat sports before like wrestling or boxing, otherwise you would understand that conditioning and fatigue are very important factors in a fight, and can affect a fighters performance greatly. if a figher doesn't entertain you 100% by pouncing on his opponent every 10 seconds, it doesn't mean that he is any less of an athlete or that the fight is fixed. jeez


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I think this fight was cheated ! Not by the fighter, but by the judges !
Mikael Bisping is the most overrated fighter in the Ufc ( just behind Junnie Browning ) !

Thank Dan Henderson


Since when did having a high post count preclude you from becoming a troll?


It's basically how every post of his is.


I've attended a UFC live, and it's not fake. When you get close enough you can feel some of the heavyweights punches through the floor of the octagon and out onto that apron-thing. Also, having gone to one in Columbus in conjunction with the Arnold, you get a chance to see those guys the next day with bruises, cuts, stitches, etc. Do the judges sometimes suck? Absolutely, but that's because there really aren't that many older fighters that judge or MMA trained judges. I give Ohio credit because their commission actually holds classes to explain how to ref and judge MMA prior to being allowed to actually do it. After some of the UFC's I've seen, I question that such a thing takes place in other states.


what ufc fake come on man thats like saying WWE is fake!


Good answer. I've only seen PPV and Spike matches, not live.

Guess I'm still bothered by the glancing blow that Lesnar used to beat Couture. THAT was a pure farce.


He is certainly a troll.

I wouldn't call UFC "phony".... However, that is not to say that UFC can't be fixed. You guys are fools if you believe that guys haven't taken dives before.


Are matches fixed within the entire spectrum of MMA competitions? I'd place money on it.

Are matches fixed within the UFC however? Much less likely. Not saying it's not possible, but unlike what Boxing is today, UFC is still a cell and entity of it's own, and governed almost directly by Dana White himself, who, from what we can see, seems like a pretty good guy all round.

I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever though, that some of the lesser MMA events have been rigged and especially some of the Japanese and European fight productions.


Some of the Pride fights were known to be rigged.


Is UFC Phony?

I would say no.


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