Is Two Cardio Sessions/Day Best?

Im trying to get in shape for trip to the Dominican Republic for Spring Break in March. Currently, I do an hour of cardio around 730pm (30min elliptical, 30min treadmill) and then lift for an hour, Monday-Friday.

Would I see a huge difference if I did some cardio in the morning before school, maybe 30-45 mins, and then my usual 2 hour routine in the evening, or would I be better off getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning instead and sticking to what I’m doing currently?


it is imposable to answer this without knowing your goals, diet, and what you are lifting.

keep in mind you cant chase two rabbits, if you want to loss fat, do it, if you want to get stronger / gain muscle do that…

I would add some sprints and hill running, great for adding good cardio and some leg strength/size. Keep your diet in check thats going to help you lose fat more then anything.

More time /=(does not) equal better results. Intensity is what you need, be very intesne in your lifting and cardio. You should feel tired not,‘well that was fun.’ If your training HARD eating right and getting your sleep you will make progress fast.

The formula for success is easy, train hard, eat well and rest repeat.

Also how bad off are you now in shape wise? Your not going to make great progress in that short amount of time just so you know. Takes at least 2 years to get a good foundation and some good results. Either way you can still maybe lose 30 lbs if you follow a really good diet.

you should not run before you lift…ever, you’re depleting all your energy and creating a recipe for catabolism.

I did this for a very long time, I used to run 3 miles a day at 6-7min/mi pace then try to lift, needless to say I got super skinny but still had roughly the same bf %.

if you’re going to run do it for 30min at low speed or do what shizen said and toss in some sprints. If you can handle it running in the morning b4 breakfast is said to help lower fat.

i highly recommend