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Is Trump the Greatest President in US History?

Some say he is. What say you?

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At this point in his presidency it’s undeniable. I hope when he is done we get rid of all those bullshit D.C. memorials to lesser men and replace them with Trump Towers. Also I propose remaking Rushmore where the Presidents are bowing down to a massive gold statue of Trump high fiving Putin.

If I find out today that I have a terminal illness I will look at the doctor and say it’s all ok because I witnessed at least a part of the presidency of Donald J Trump

No other President could sit in the White House and look Arnold right in the username and tweet that his version of celebrity apprentice sucks.



That statue would be a great addition to liberty island.

The greatest modern day President.


Oh shit no. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln are the top 3 and would be tough to beat. The greatest of them may be Lincoln. Simply because he saved the Republic so much so, that a Democratic Republic has become the default view of good governance, where that was not true before or during his presidency. Therefore, I vote Lincoln as the absolute best. He made the hardest decisions, the right decisions, against all odds and against even his closest aides and the populace itself.
The north wasn’t a fan of the war and most didn’t care about abolition and further, at the time, abolition was unconstitutional. He won against all odds.
I think he’s the hands down winner of greatest president ever. Could be up for greatest leader ever.

Aside from Trump’s demeanor, he can be a good president. Greatest would be he stood down a challenge greater than the Civil War itself and we may be a divided nation to a degree I don’t see him having to deal with a crisis of that magnitude. For him to even be great, takes a national or international seismic event that requires leaders to define themselves in the critical moments.
All we are dealing with right now are pithy partisanship and grandstanding in Washington and that’s actually good news. Because it means nothing major, requiring us to check our perspectives has happened…yet. Let’s have this talk 4 - 8 years from now.


It’s really not up for debate. Trump was the right answer all along.

Who says that Putin??

Hes a orange mongoloid but has decent taste in poon tang

I’m with you, Pat.

Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Eisenhower, Reagan, Coolidge, in just about that order. So no, Trump is not. If he rises to some extraordinary occasion, then a reappraisal may be needed.

He’d have to work very hard to beat Wilson in shittiness, all the same,

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By every standard we can measure a president he’s the worst.

He’s barely even a decent human being.


I agree I wish the rapist was back in the White House. We had a real class act with him.

He couldnt hold Lincolns Jock strap in a brief case… Is this even a real question
he is the most Orange tho


It’s Lincoln by probably a mile.

Elaborate. What standards do we use to measure a president?

I ask because I think it varies a great deal from person to person. Where as many put him near the top, I count FDR as one of the worst presidents in U.S history.

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I would rate FDR as one of the worst presidents in terms of the legacy and/or precedent he left behind.

But, by that same token, Lincoln could fall down quite a bit if I rated him using similar methods.


He’s the first non-president president of the USA and probably not the last. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” for 2020

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All we really know is that Trump says disgusting things about women, lies constantly, has been married three times, and says he can sexually assault women. We also know he thinks about his daughter sexually and more than once has mentioned he would like to be with her. Also he probably has a pee tape out there somewhere and he has fake magazine covers adorning his walls.

Other than those things I’m sure he’s a decent human.

If you mean Clinton he didn’t rape Monica.

I don’t believe he was talking about Monica