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Is TRT Worth the Hair Loss?

Any guys lose hair from TRT? Is it worth it?

Have been doing trt for a few months. doc put me on a low dose weeks apart, needless to say it’s a terrible protocol and I’ll probably switch docs. for the most part, i’m only seeng negative side effects. hair loss has been aggressive. within a few weeks, texture of my hair is like straw and just looks terrible, doesn’t style correctly etc. it’s thinning, and hair in the shower, the sink, and everywhere else. every male in my family is not bald, but we all have receding hairlines. But if i continue w this treatment, I will be bald.

I figured I’d not do the treatment because of the hairloss because I would be less attractive to women. But I realized, i’m a zero currently and have been since I’ve developed these symptoms, because of my low libido, general lack of energy and poor mood. I’m not bad looking, but I do have a pretty big head. I’ve known guys that actually looked ok with a shaved head, I most likely wont.

TRT is not causing your hair loss. But your low TRT was slowing it down. And that would be the only good thing to come from low T. In my case yes it sped up my hair loss. Everything else on me looks a hell of a lot better than before my injections started. If I cared a lot about my hair I would start using Minoxidi and maybe get a doctor to have a topical finasteride prepration made up for me. Do not take finasteride pills. Yes it does slow down DHT production and that is why TRT injections speed up your genetic hair loss. But it causes far more problems than it is worth. Topically I hear it is harmless

You have a gene that causes hair loss, DHT is the other component. Your hair loss would probably have happened anyway if your testosterone had never been low in the first place, you are noticing it now because testosterone has been restored.

TRT is indirectly responsible for hair loss, TRT -> DHT > gene responsible for hair loss. Stay away for oral hair loss drugs and never take drugs to lower DHT, your brain requires DHT.

Topical finasteride is another story.

That’s a values question around how much of you place in physical appearance. Just remember, you can treat youreelf to a spa once in a while so you can continue to feel pretty.

So ok I head everyone saying high DHT causes Hair loss. But my question is what are the ranges that men should stay in when it comes to levels of DHT???

Every person that has ever considered shaving their head for the first time had this thought. It’s bullshit. You’re going to think it looks stupid because it’s so different from what you’re used to seeing in the mirror. Believe me… hair is a very small price to pay for getting yourself stable.

I had to start shaving my head at around 28 (extreme genetic balding). I HATED it…at first. After I got used to it I think it looks a TON better than a mile long forehead! Lol

Hey Verne, thanks for the reply. I know the trt isn’t causing it, and that it only speeds up hair loss in men who would eventually be bald regardless of treatment. I’ve heard from many guys who have used TRT and experienced no hair loss (would be nice) because they’re not genetically predisposed. If i go the TRT route, say goodbye to my lovely hair, and hello to muscle gains and some much needed vitality and energy, I’ll probably just buzz my head. I used minoxidil and it’s such a pain, and from the experiences I’ve read online, most bald guys say these treatments work, but eventually they grow tired of the routine and just let nature take it’s course, and they all say they feel better about it. And I agree with you on those finasteride pills; have read so much about them completely screwing up the hormones of so many guys, that stuff should be taken off the market.

I do place value in physical appearance. I don’t have a great sense of humor or a wonderful personality, so my appearance historically has unfortunately been really my only in with girls. And the main reason for wanting to go on TRT is to get back in the game because my libido and interest in girls has pretty much disappeared. So my real question i guess is how much women consider hair in their determination of a man’s physical attractiveness. It’s a moot point anyway, because I’m a zero now with these low t symptoms, i’m sexually lifeless and women have no interest. Women always say they want a guy to respect them and not look at them as sex objects; it’s a lie lol. They literally hate guys who aren’t trying to fuck them regardless of how much they respect them.

Hey man, thanks for the advice. This is what I’ve been thinking, it would be nice to have everything, get on the T, get ripped, get energized, get in the game, and keep my luscious locks, but sometimes you can’t have everything. I feel if everything goes ok with the TRT, even if I lose my hair, I’ll probably have improvement in all areas of life, and if i ever get laid it will be an improvement.

Don’t get me wrong I would rather have my hair back. And yes woman do prefer men with hair. Unless you are one of those lucky guys who look great bald. But a man with no drive? he might as well be a monk. And when I said look a hell of a lot better. It is not just muscles. After about a year you look different and in this old mans case, woman like it.

I’ll key you in on a little secret that some guys are born knowing, and others (like me and you apparently) never figure out unless we magically stumble on to it, pay for classes to learn it, or happen to have a really cool friend that was born knowing that can teach us…

Looks have VERY LITTLE to do with the opposite sex man. There are some goofy looking guys walking down the street EVERY day with a beautiful woman hanging on their arms. Sure it helps to have enough appeal to get her to notice in the first place, and I promise you, you get your hormones stable, dial in a diet and work your ass off in the gym, you’ll have that part covered. The thing is, what women will respond to is self confidence and personality. Emphasis on the self confidence part especially in the beginning. Now don’t mistake self confidence for being an asshole or being the guy that wants to walk into a room and tries to dominate every other guy in the room. So many guys do this and frankly are just assholes, and women see that too!

I know it sounds stupid but do some reading. Don’t pay those dumbass “how to get laid guys” a dime, but go read enough and you’ll find some guys with some good things to say that truly don’t treat women as some peice of meat. I mean sure they want to fuck them, we are guys after all right, but that’s not the only thing we’re interested in.

I can’t post links, but if I could point you in a good direction, go do some reading on a guy named Alex Alman. Dude is a genius, has the highest respect for women, and best of all he truly wants to help guys. He has a free newsletter than you can subscribe to. I promise you that his insights are worth the time to read.

Cheers man and chin up. The great news is, there’s nothing wrong with you that you can’t turn around with a little effort, smarts, and dedication. I get the sense that you can muster up all three if you wanted to!

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That’s a tricky question because serum DHT is different than the DHT concentration in your tissue. Serum DHT could be high while DHT in your tissues could be lower.

I agree with everything you are saying here especially the last two sentences. You make a very valid point. And I hope slot of guys would realize this then they would save them self form gettin hurt by females

Is there a way to distinguish the DHT serm levels and DHT in your tissue through lab work??

I doubt it.

Try 2% Nizoral shampoo 3x per week as a mitigation strategy, it works for a lot of guys

I believe Fina is a widely misunderstood drug, because people only go with half lives these days whereas what matters is the slow dissociation with the enzymes. Read up here it’s summing up the matter quite nicely:

That makes the standard everyday-popping-DHT-nuking protocol rather counter intuitive, and personally I would start with one 1mg dose a week. Just like I’d use Asin once per week for the high e2 folks.

That said a few more considerations on hair loss:

  • high fasted insulin / insulin resistance / glucose intolerance will cripple the hair follicle which grows on glucose and glutamine
  • high insulin will lower SHBG which means more (free) DHT
  • a mixed high fat high carb diet will yield a degree of glucose intolerance, plus potential vascular risks, a degree of vasoconstriction which sounds bad at every level
  • vasodilatation may or may not mean more nutrients sent to the hair follicle (what minoxidil does), Androgens blockade may or may not work in and of itself (what RU58841 does), however if there’s no nutrition in the first place or a faulty glycolysis+glutaminolysis most of this may be wasting time and money

What I would do would be to tighten up the diet immensely: lean protein sources, loads of vegetables, moderate tubers and basmati for carbs, moderate to low fat starting around 15% (some plant based doctor showed artery damage reversing, or was that sclerosis i can’t remember right now)


(I could pull up more sources but I’m short on time, the graphs on the 3rd link are very good at summing up the whole issue)

That said, I’m not one of those guys who believe that hair loss can be prevented fully, there’s always going to be genetics getting in the way. I wouldn’t even bother past 40-50yo (and women don’t either)

For someone in their 20s or 30s however, it’s part of the deal for the genetically predisposed: male hormones and function, or hair, quite the impossible choice. That’s why I’d focus a lot on the diet and try RU first and foremost. I like the idea of an Androgen blocker that keeps the follicle safe, so to speak.

whats your take on topical Fin? My doc can Rx a number of differnt combos … some with azel acid … some with minox

where do most find legit RU? I have found a few sites and there seem to a be a couple of differnt formulations / suspensions