Is TRT Safe? Here's What a Big New Study Says

Great article TC: The FDA and physicians are ‘in the pockets’ of BIG PHARMA. In the US its always about money and pharmaceutical companies need more billions of dollars, millions will not suffice anymore. Watching commercials lately? There is a pharma drug for virtually every medical issue. “Are your eyes blinking, consecutively without stop on a daily basis?” “Then you need No-blinko, a new drug that regulates eye blinking.”
Lets use Europe as a benchmark to prove our theory where food and other drugs are approved for their people…meaning NO FRUCTOSE CORN syrup allowed in foods and Test is not on the BANNED list.
TRT rules and its the best decision I ever made for me and my wife loves it too.


…which, lol, I was kinda hoping you would do. I figured my discourse was already too long!

Yeah, I know. But I guess it’s a byproduct (necessary evil?) of capitalism. Perhaps, in some future Star Trek world, the following Jean-Luc Picard quote will be reality: "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.” Maybe then medicine will focus on preventing disease instead of treating its symptoms.


Excellent post. Thanks for taking the time.

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I’ve been on low dose TRT for about 7 years going through menopause and it’s a life changer!!! All that is lost (well mostly!) has been renewed by T for me! I wish more doctors would prescribe this for women as it would save a lot of issues in pre -post menopause maybe even younger women!

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It won’t. I’m a veteran of psychiatric medicine and though it’s known that hormones(thyroid, testosterone, estrogen) impact men and women with mood disorders, few psychiatrists do any testing. Maybe because they’re cookie cutter, brainwashed doctors or insurance won’t cover testing unless done by your PCP or an endocrinologist. And endos, for the most part, are useless. Primary doctors are hit and miss and you have to beg them to run a free T3. As @systemlord has said, we don’t have prevention oriented healthcare, though you really can’t call it healthcare, unless it’s critical care medicine and even then, you can still end up worse than when you went into the hospital.

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Absolutely! It’s puzzling that docs will often prescribe estrogen (despite the big "Nurses’ Study) and progesterone but completely dismiss testosterone.


I wish they had included Prostate Ca in the meta-analysis. It’s the OTHER Elephant in the room with TRT. Most urologists are not up to date on current literature and this causes a ton of mental anguish in guys my age with Prostate Cancer risk factors. We are taught from an early age that the doctor is right. Not true. 30 years in primary care has taught me otherwise. But finding a doctor who is current AND takes your insurance is a bitch.

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There were a couple of other meta-studies that did address TRT and prostate cancer. I synopsized them here: Tip: Testosterone and Prostate Cancer – The Facts

I’d love to see T-Nation tackle the question—raised most recently on Mike T. Nelson’s podcast in an interview with T expert Dr. Keith Baar—that extra T does NOT increase muscle mass, strength, or performance UNLESS you jack it up to greater-than-physiologic levels. Many examples of very muscular dudes with low testosterone.

Thanks. Now if we could get the AUA guidelines to reflect reality!

Sure, but you can’t dismiss what TRT would do to a person who is truly hypogonadal. Restoring that person’s T levels to “normal” or high “normal” would undoubtedly lead to increases in muscle mass, etc. TRT would also, presumably, prevent age-related declines and allow that person to experience positive outcomes, i.e., allow him to put on muscle when others of the same age might fail to do so.

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Thanks for the article! You listed it as a weakness, but I have to question whether 9.5 month follow-up could possibly be powered to show statistical significance for major adverse cardiovascular events… especially when the study group is on a chronic therapy. I’m not surprised to see only numerical differences; it’s a little aggressive to draw any conclusions (in my lay opinion) other than one injection won’t immediately kill you.

I am also on self sustained TRT. I purchase Sustanon from pharmacy myself without prescription and I make 125 mg every 5 days.

I am also taking 300 IU HCG every 5 days to keep testicular function alive since I am 35. Moreover I take 0.25 mg arimidex every 5 days after injections to keep E2 low but this may not be necessary.

I got 2 blood tests so far and all was good. Hopefully i will get another one in 1 month. It has been like 9 months since I have started.

TRT is a life changer for me. It basically improves every manly aspect and the mood for me.

Insha’Allah I plan to continue until I die at 100+ age with good benefits and deeds

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Ha! You’re probably right.

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Where are you from? Just curious and a little bit jealous that you’re able to buy stuff over the counter.

I live in Turkey. Unfortunately currently Turkey is so cheap for western countries. Take onto the plane, come here, purchase, and return.

No such luck! While bringing in a small amount of steroids into the US for personal use probably wouldn’t warrant any prison time, they’d be happy to fine me 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

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Ye could be.I don’t know your laws.

250 mg sustanon in pharmacy here sold for 2.4$. Yes 2 dollars and 40 cents. That is how bad our economy is.

By the way the sustanon i purchased from pharmacy is produced by Ever Pharma Jena GmBH, Jena, Germany.