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Is TRT Right For Me?

Hey all
31 year old male
Around 10-12%bf

This is a general question. Since I was in my late 20s I’ve done approximately 2 cycles a year. I’ve always tried to follow the proper protocol to make it as safe for me as possible.

This cycle I haven’t been able to get blood work done. My doctor doesn’t see it as necessary due to the pandemic, she feels if there was a real issue then I would probably be experiencing some kind of side effects from my dose of testosterone.

The reason I ask about TRT is because even though when I get my bloods back, I’m always told that before and after my cycle everything is in an acceptable range. While on test though I feel more “normal”. I feel the way your told a man should feel. More than anything I feel that way with my sex drive. When I’m not on cycle I’m very complacent. I’m very mellow and could really care less about any kind of sexual interaction at all. On cycle I’m very motivated, in every aspect of my life. I feel the need to just get up and get things done. I feel the way I would want to feel all the time. Is this something that TRT could possibly help, or is it perhaps just a mental state that I’ve created for myself.

I know that without bloods to show numbers that this is pretty impossible to diagnose but any opinions would be more than welcome.


Truth? If you’re going to keep cycling then you’ll eventually wind up on trt anyway. The downside of starting now at age 31 vs two or three years from now is basically cost. But if you’re already running cycles and getting blood work done it’s not like it would be a drastic change in your life to get on trt. It’s worth getting one more round of blood work done, but if your path is going to continue to be cycles and PCT then at some point you’re going to skip that last step and just cruise.

Is TRT an almost guarantee from years of AAS? Not that I would be surprised. Is it from a complete shutdown or a partial shutdown that keeps you suppressed enough to keep you out of a “normal” range?

My wife and I would like to have children at some point but it’s only recently that I’ve started to think about the possibility that it might not be in the cards for me either way.

Would TRT make kids less likely or just another hurdle to overcome in the process?

Hard to say, seven or eight cycles over three or four years isn’t a lot, unless they were 20 week cycles.

Yes. Some do not 100% recover. They get FSH, LH and testosterone levels back to low, within range levels, but still feel like crap.

Another hurdle, you would need to add hCG, FSH or Clomid.

There’s a reason most guys with your lifestyle decide to blast and cruise. Each cycle raises the possibility that you simply won’t recover back to baseline. Every year that passes your baseline drops anyway, but now you’re adding an externality without a concept of how it will impact said baseline. Eventually it makes sense to go on trt.

Yes. Or no. Depends. Some guys knock up their wives will on grams of gear. Some guys do a few cycles and need to undergo expensive fertility restoration. It’s not something you can predict, unfortunately. But as mentioned HCG et al can help get you back up and running.