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Is TRT a Life Long Event?

I am looking at starting a TRT replacement program and was wondering if after being on it and something came up that you were not able to continue what happens when you stop the treatment?
I am 47 and looking at doing this but was wondering what the consequences were if you stopped?

I have been reading as much as possible on this site as well as others and havent seen any real good info on this. Sorry if it is in one of the posts that I missed and would appreciate any feedback anyone can give.

What do you mean what are the consequences? They are the exact same as if you had never started to begin with–what else do you think would happen?

Yes it is for life, unless you want to walk around feeling like shit for the rest of you life because you decided to quit.

Didnt mean to get you so aggitated. I am considering this and realize it is a life long commitment but also realize that things come up and if I had to stop would I drop to my current levels or would this cause me to not be able to produce at my current levels. I am not wanting to get in a pissing match but am looking to clarify more clearly what I am commiting to.

Its hard to say. Some people “recover” to baseline (which is shitty) or their HPTA doesn’t recover properly or takes a while to do so and they drop below their previous baseline for a time, which is shittier. Eventually though, they probably will return to the shitty original baseline. There are things that can expedite that process (though not sure why you would take them and not just the TRT).