Is Trey Gowdy SERIOUS?

Not what I said at all. You should get charged for a crime if caught. Whether it’s murder or jaywalking.

I think it’s important to make petty thieves feel secure, so I’m not going to charge them with a crime when I’ve caught and incarcerated them on other charges. I’d hate to drive a wedge between law enforcement and the petty thief community.

Any part of that sound sane?

It was his strawman… that it would be prohibitively expensive to stop all illegal immigration . He interpreted me saying “there should be zero illegals here” (referring to dealing with the ‘undocumented community’) to mean we should spend all the resources necessary to make the number zero.

Probably. Occam’s Razor would say yes. It wouldn’t shock me at all.

If my assumption about dems sanctuary policy concerning illegals is wrong, then why the resistance to the citizenship question on the census?

Anecdote below. This is the most famous one off the top of my head. Not only did the mayor refuse to give ICE a phone call (which is all the sanctuary policy is really stopping here). She tipped off criminals (not just the ‘undocumented’) that ICE was coming.

I 100% agree. This particular policy:
You have a person in custody for an unrelated offense and while running normal checks find out they’re illegally in the US. This could be easily automated and likely already is.

Cost: Three minute phone call or email to ICE. Maybe one extra day of custody if the feds are slow getting there.

Benefit: You’ve removed a felon from your jurisdiction, making your constituents safer and reducing all the public costs of trying, jailing, rehabilitating that felon.

Fair enough. But do you think these crimes should be pursued with equal intensity?

Really, why is that? How is it in the interest of your community for petty thieves to feel secure?

I looked at it, but failed to find within an anecdote demonstrating “Dems ‘going to the mat to protect undocumented persons’ whose criminal history unequivocally outweighs their current status.”

You failed to mention the societal costs, including the effect on relations between the undocumented community and the authorities. (There are many others.)

Further, my understanding is local law enforcement finds the added burden to be far more than a ‘three minute phone call, or email.’

You are arguing facts not in evidence here.

The intensity we’re talking about here is communication between local PD and the feds. Don’t the press and politicians always lose their mind when a Looney Toon “was known to the FBI” after a terrible event?

ICE is targeting illegals with priors as a priority. That’s who the mayor was warning.

Because the relations of criminals and LE is adversarial, as it should be. We’ve already gone around about this.

You know what you’re right, more felons is good. Less felons is bad. Up is down. Got it.

The only people complaining are Police Departments headed by people with agendas. Ask rank and file officers if they mind turning illegals over to ICE.

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I don’t believe that is the case.

“President Donald Trump famously said in a presidential debate that his focus is getting the “bad hombres” and the “bad, bad people” out first to secure the border, but one of his first actions after taking office was an executive order that effectively granted immigration agents the authority to arrest and detain any undocumented immigrant they wanted.”

I believe you are being willfully obtuse at this point.

Let me know if/when you want to have an actual discussion. Until then, I’m out.

My first thought, he got offered a job in the Trump white house.