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Is Trenbolone the Answer?


I am a 6'3" 205 pound linebacker. I have just finished my 2 years playing at a junior college and have had a successful career here. My 2 schools of choice have told me that they will pick me up in the spring if i can be 230 by signing day (in 2 and half months).

Will Trenbolone give me the results i want/need? Since my eligibility at the junior college is over, and i have yet to sign to a NCAA school i cannot be legally tested right now. Please give me your feed back.


You might not be able to be tested but you did just post a nice picture with your face in it for the world to see pretty much stating your intent to take steroids


Read the stickies.


Wow, perhaps you should think more before hand like one of the previous responders mentioned. Get that picture off/edited. Trenbolone can and will help you bulk, but is probably not ideal/the only/the best drug for you to use for bulking. It is great for strength and fat loss/muscle retention, and it will help you bulk.
Get your mind right, think this out. GET YOUR FACE OFF THE NET!!!!


I wouldn't choose tren in your case. I wouldn't choose to cheat at all but that's on you. Tren affects people diferently so unless you know how your cardio vascular ability is affected it's probably not worth the gamble.

You have more decisions to make other than just which steroid to pick. You'll need to time it right so you can avoid testing positive but still have the 30lbs of mass.

Did you take into account the detection times of steroids (excluding testosterone esters)?

Retaining 30lbs after one cycle is possible IF you know how to eat properly on and off cycle, know how to train properly on and off cycle and know the fastest route to restarting your HPTA.

How much weight have you gained in the last 4 weeks?


To be honest Ive never heard of schools in the recruiting process ask something like this of a player from the end of season until signing date...and how the hell would they know anyways how much weight you put on?

I would think at your current size if you had the skills they need on the field they would pick you up and expect you to put that weight on from now until summer camp starts. And the type of training to focus on putting on 30lbs isnt going to be the most beneficial training most likely to help you on the field...and these days most college football coaches know that and push more movement skills and speed/agility workouts over the pack on weight with the big lifts.


PS-I dont know if the faked steroid problem is worse now or was back when I was playing, but fair warning I knew guys who thought they were taking one thing, and come testing got busted for substances like nandrolone they had never knowingly took.

And what skimming I do on this I seem to read that a lot of products do have some deca and test thrown in them so they have some sort of effect even if its not the product they thought they were taking. In your case being a tested athlete, that would be a bad bad thing...

Start throwing down 6k calories a day and lifting your nuts off and you should be able to put some weight on, 30lbs in two months though is kinda a rush me thinks unless you do hit the bean hard. Especially if you have been playing at a JC and in two years and havent hit a higher BW? What did you weight in HS and how much have you put on in the last two years?


I played D1 college football and I think you could gain a pretty good amount of weight by getting your diet in order. Maybe switch up the workouts a little as well. You don't want to take a risk of getting caught and blow everything. Just my two cents.


If I were going to try and cheat in a drug tested sport I would do a high test acetate or proprionate only cycle and keep it under six weeks.


If you're going to do it, I think DetroitLion just gave you the best advice here, of course couple that with somewhere around 6K calories a day and lifting absolutely heavy and balls to the wall.

Side note. I find this thread really interesting in how the word cheat is used. Yes, steroids give you an edge, advantage and whatever other word you can work in from a thesaurus here, but I'm sorry I don't consider 'roids cheating and I'll explain my position.

  1. I only played at a DIII school, a highly competitive DIII school (at the time I was there the Sears Cup was only in its 8th year of existence and we never finished out of the top 5, I don't know how we've faired recently), but I can say with complete knowledge that 3/4's of our team was juicing. I have friends who played all over the country at very good D1 programs Tennessee, Pitt, Syracuse (maybe cuse isn't very good, lol), Rutgers, UCF, USF, and a few others and off the top of my head my personal friends who attended at those places all juiced but a few. Point being is, is it cheating if it's the accepted culture? A freshman tight end at my DIII school asked our Off Cord/Strength Coach how he could get on the field the following year and I was standing right there. Coach pointed at one of our more juiced out of his mind DE's and told the TE to ask him what his "diet" was. I know this isn't a story that only I can tell and I have more but i'll move to point 2.

  2. I don't care how much steroids I ever did or would do, I was only as good as my skill set. This may be old to rehash but Barry Bonds did win 3 MVP awards before he ever touched juice. Did he necessarily need it to be great? Not at all. Did it make him much better? Absolutley. Take a player like Royce Clayton, or any mediocre ball player, Joey Cora perhaps? Give them all the juice in the world and yeah maybe a few more fly balls go out but their skill set is what it is. Juice doesn't make the athlete, but it can make him better. This idea that if you juice you will be some monster performer just isn't correct though.

Didn't mean to hijack this thread at all, but if you read my (few) other posts you'll see my degrees and what I do and this steroid issue, morality, performance of, effects, is something that is very interesting to me. As there are plenty of informed and intelligent members here I just wanted to bring this up for discussion. Also, don't think that this was put down to call out or disagree with anyone but if we're going to move forward on the subject of steroids/ performance enchancers we need to start to create an intelligent dialogue about it. There are people who don't think that HRT should be allowed because of steroid propaganda that is out there, so I think it's the responsibility of people who both understand and use steroids to speak out on the subject, regardless if that is for or against the use and practice.



I have had this conversation before and there have actually been a few good threads about the whole cheating thing. My main point is (I want to keep this short for the sake of the thread) is that if something is against the rules, it's cheating. With that said I DO NOT think steroids should be banned in professional sports.

No steroids don't make people hit more homers by themselves. I play baseball and have used steroids, although never while in season (not for any moral reason I just tend to be off cycle in the summer). Steroids in baseball allow better recovery. That is the effect of AAS for baseball players. Football is a different animal. The agression and strength increases are highly beneficial. And of course the recovery aspect is huge. I do think steroids help football players a lot. I also believe that if someone didn't have the skills to be a good player in the nfl naturally, steroids wouldn't make him an all pro.

Anyway. I don't judge people who use steroids in tested sports. I do think it gives an extremely bad name to steroids in general when pro atheletes get caught. But using something banned in the sport is clearly cheating; it's the definition of cheating.


Well said Bones. I thought of starting a whole thread on it but I'll look for the ones you referred to. That is a good point as far as juicing in a "collision" sport, and is also a conversation I've had with people. For the record I never juiced in season because of fear of being caught, season ended late November/Early December and I would start right up hard til spring break and then stop in hopes of being clean by the time we may be tested (funny side note, it always seemed that frosh and kickers were the "randomly" selected players).

My friend from college who never juiced and was against it and a freak of nature as far as strength went, went on to be the strength coach for the Blue Jays. He got the job right before Balco really broke and his stories were insane. He's no longer a pro strength coach and runs a private training facility where he trains some really well known athletes, but anyway, stories for another thread...


hahah....I remember kickers and skinny freshman seeming to get tested a lot at my first school...my second college it seemed they were hunting, caught my buddy, although I was clean and natural I was suspected of it due to lots of soft tissue injuries, my numbers in the weightroom, and my attitude-so I got tested every damn camp and spring ball!

I wonder if the guy who started this thread has even been back. This doesnt seem right to me, isnt signing date Feb 3 or 7th? I know of no coaches who would tell someone to put on that kind of weight to get signed, they are way too busy juggling trying to get their top picks, seeing who signs where, who is next in line to hustle to try to get committed etc....if you have the skills someone would pick a guy up...and if he is bordering D-IA, then he should have plenty of D-IAA schools interested. So this all seems odd to me...and the fact he just posts his first message on here about this and then never returns to the thread?


good call bluecollar, probably is a troll job. Perhaps a competing athlete for this guys position posted his face??


x2. I was under the impression he was trying to set someone up when I first saw this. A for effort, D for execution. I could have done a muchhhh better job.


hahahh vette6 nice!


The fact that this OP has not re-posted in 4 days I think gives us the answer