Is Tren for Master Powerlifters?

I’m very experienced with anabolics. All I hear about is Tren A or E is how today’s lifters are lifting much more. I tried it with dbol and cyp. I found that I couldn’t gain weight and was literally shaking during my reps with warmups included. I looked great and strength was ok. Is Tren just something to avoid as a master lifter?

If you didn’t gain strength on Dbol and Cyp, something is wrong. Tren is more of stage drug and less so a power lifter drug. I mean yeah you will gain strength but its far from the ideal drug for this sport especially considering its so high in side effects.


How old are you? I take it that you are over 40 (by mentioning master)? I do know a masters guy that tried it (about 55). He gave up on it after 2 weeks because of insomnia and body temperature. He tried to sell me his unused vials.

I know powerlifters that use it. I know some like it and others don’t. If I was going to use it, I’d use it in the lower range to get the nutrition partitioning benefits as well as the strength. I think with high doses, sleeping and eating (more so eating enough) will be impacted negatively, which is detrimental to strength.

Where I could see a huge advantage is in trying to be on the leaner side for your weight class. Outside of the higher weight classes (120 kg +), the guys who are the best are all pretty jacked it seems. They are maximizing the amount of muscle they can have at that body weight. Tren can help with that, but again I don’t think you need a ton for that.

I did gain strength with dbol and cyp.just hearing how tren is so much better… thx

Its individual. Tren does increase strenght for me. Anadrol did nothing.
But anavar and winstrol does increase my strenght much more than any dose of tren does, for example.

Tren is the best steroid there is, but it can fuck with ones BP which is a major concern for everyone, but especially after the age of 40.
If you are a classic powerlifter, you probably cant run worth a shit, and your “cardio” is slowly moving feet on a stationary bike. This would definetly bite you in the ass.
When i was fighting on a serious level and my cardio was super good, even 1g of tren did not bother me at all and after 2 years blasting it, i have no issues with my heart(everything is checked, ive done organ imaging etc).
Since i gained 40lbs and let my cardio go to shit, stuff does bother my BP much more, but the best one can do is to do solid torturing sweaty cardio of at least 150mins a week. And i mean real cardio, not the one you can do and talk while doing it.
If you bring your sprinting and HIIT cardio ability up in like 6 months, i think you can try it, and you definetly wont drop dead just because you tried.
My belief is that steroids harm your heart the most and if your heart is trained like shit or is not trained at all, it will die much sooner.

I’m going back to basics with deca dbol sustanon and some suspension. The Tren wasn’t worth the sides involved especially at 60. I’m currently ranked #2 all time and wanted the #1 spot before I retire. I do interval training and low rest between my assistance work to keep my heart in shape. Appreciate the reply

Have you considered going into a weight class lower and using less drugs to be just as competitive. I think that can be a valid strategy in powerlifting if one is currently not super lean.

I am not a great powerlifter, but I was on openpowerlifting the other day and saw that my current numbers would put me in the top 20 for push pull all feds world wide if I could do them a weight class lower. The thing is that is mostly diet to get there. I couldn’t use much gear because I wouldn’t make weight. I am thinking of giving that a try actually. I think using TRT levels of Test with Tbol and Anavar might be enough.

How much lower is the weight class below you now ?

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OP said he couldn’t gain weight. He is either between weight classes or doesn’t care what weight class he ends up in.

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I am 205 ATM, I could compete in 198 in a few days. I would have to cut to 181 lbs to do the push pull and make top 20. I am only leanish though. I think I could compete at 181, while walking around low 190s with a water cut. To do it, I’d try to be shredded at around 190.

It is kinda a cheat type event though. In full power, I think there are guys with higher bench and deadlift numbers, but they don’t count towards the push pull records. There is only about 3,000 total guys that have done a push pull event at 181 world wide. Still top 20 seems pretty good.

And it wouldn’t even be a record haha. Maybe I could set one in a certain federation, but for the overall world record, I’d have to be just shy of 1200 lbs in push / pull at 181.

I’m 6’ and tall for a powerlifter. I try to fall between 280-290 contest time. Keep in mind that I have abs and in very good shape. During training on Tren I struggled to stay at 265. I ended up at 269 at my weigh in and drank water to make just over 275 putting me into the 308 class. Yes the class matters and yes my weight is a huge factor in my strength level.

I had a goal and Tren totally disappointed. I’m doing much better going back to my old reliable program for the world competition in Nov. I’m already at 283 before adding dbol the final 4 weeks that usually puts another 6 pounds on me.strength level is good. I guess I’ll find out soon the end result… hoping for a Raw 1625+ total at 61yo…


I want to be you when i grow up.
Just reading your stuff gives me so much motivation as i already feel too old to achieve something at my 33, and now seeing how people can be at that size and strength at 60 is just amazing.

This must be “classic raw” (meaning you can use knee wraps), right?

BTW, you shouldn’t try to make the 275 lb class. The record is lower in 308.

There a number of reasons for lifting in a higher weight class than you could. Maybe he is on a team that already has a 275lb lifter. Maybe he knows there is an incredible 275lb lifter, or more, that he just cannot lift more. And there is the possibility that the 308lb class records might be lower than the 275lb class records (in his age group).

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They are a bit lower (at least according to openpowerlifting).

I got first in my weight class once because I didn’t make weight, would have been like 3rd had I made weight haha.

Do they still do team comps? I’ve seen teams at powerlifting comps, but they all compete individually. There isn’t a team prize or anything.

I could be wrong, I’ve only done a few PL meets.

And they may not. But that was one the best aspects of powerlifting when I did. We competed against the South Florida Barbenders. We had some great parties after the meets. They were a great bunch of guys.

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I have a better chance in 308’s yes. The 275 class numbers are a little higher but within reach. At this stage of my life I’ll take the path of least resistance lol

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Yes classic raw but squat over 600 in sleeves.

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Thx, I always lifted but started powerlifting in my 30’s. I was forced to leave the sport due to the loss of my wife. I had 4 children to raise… 20 years later I started again. I was derailed again by a car accident. After a triple spinal fusion and reconstruction of my shoulder and 5 years of recovery I was defiantly fighting to get back my life. I currently have the squat all time record in the 55-59 308 class with 650 done at 59. Just understand your body and know your weaknesses to work on. I have to do things differently because of the surgeries but can get it done. Never quit you’re a young man.


It is awesome you are out there killing it. Nothing wrong with competing where you have less resistance in powerlifting. It’s why I am thinking of dropping down in weight and going for a relatively high rank in push pull. Because I suck at squats, and I can’t hang with the guys in the 198s and up.

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