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Is Total Body Training a Good Idea


hi guys, i have been training one body part per week for the last couple years and am thinking of switching it up and i was thinking of trying the total body training routine where you work each body part, but only one exercise per body part, every day. has anyone tried this routine and if so would you recommend it. thanks guys


I know ill kick myself later for even thinking about giving out advice. What are your goals, if any?


hi bulldog, now why would you kick yourself for giving advice lol....anyways bulldog, i dont really want to get bigger, i think i am big enough but i just want to keep fit with the same muscle tone i have now.


You need to be alot more specific about everything...

Like: Age, how long lifting, how strong, injuries, what type of job, what type of traing you do now and what is your defintion of "fit"


oooooooooops ok sorry, i am 52, 6ft 190 lbs, no injuries besides a few aches here and there. guys in the gym always ask me how i can be so ripped at my age. as for weights here are a few of my pb's....flat bench db press 95 lbs, dead lift 405, bb curl 100, seated shoulder db press 85, squats 315. i am retired from the canadian military and use to be a runner so i was never a big guy. currently i train one body part per week doing 5 to 6 exercises per body part. i think that covers it. oh, supplements i take protien, creatine, glucosimine and flax seed oil. my definition of fit i guess is to be able to kick both my sons butts in the gym lol...


That program you are talking about is from vince Gironda- works for getting out of shape people in shape, not so much four people already in shape and somewhat strong.

If it aint broke don't fix it. stick with your routine just add in sprints/stairs a couple of times a week and you will be more "fit"


ok thanks fischer, i didnt really know much about the program thats why i asked, but thanks for your advice. have a good one