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Is Total and FT too High


I'm injecting 100mg every 3.5 days for a total of 200mg a week.I also inject 250iu HCG EOD.TT has stabalized at 1100 at trough, which is normal for some labs.But I know it has to go alot higher than this to drop to 1100 at trough.I keep wondering if this is dangerous in long run,even though some suggest TT makes no difference while others claim this is very dangerous.My FT=36 at trough,this is high for LabCorp, their high normal(21.5) The lab who uses 1100 for TT,has a range of 12-40 for FT and as stated my FT=36.MY E2 was 34.5

If I knew those numbers were safe,I could figure out my arimidex dose alot better.If these testosterone numbers are too high,does anyone have any idea how much I need to drop my Test. dosage to get to trough of 800-900? I have stated my lab numbers in two different posts in E2 too low thread.I never had any idea that prolactin caused problems until I started reading this board.I had prolactin tested 4 yrs. ago-it was 8.6 (2.1-17.7) is this too high? I'm getting it tested soon to see if even higher.I have read all the stickys on here and have learned an enormus amount! So a great big thanks to KSman,Hardasnails and everyone else!


Midrange prolactin seems to be very common.

Age? LAb ranges are often age adjusted. The objective of HRT is restoring to youthful levels, not the higher levels of old men. I do not see any problem with Labcorp FT=36. You need to be watching hematocrit levels and that can be telling you to reduce T dosing.

You need to match anastrozole to your current T levels in any case. Base on your data, you need to increase your dose by a factor of 34.5/22=1.57 - as per stickies

Note that the expected dose of anastrozole for 200mg/wk T cyo is 2mg/week.

Why are you not doing labs 1/2 between injections?

How are you dosing and timing anastrozole.

200mg T cyp is a lot. If you decide to reduce T, reduce anastrozole by the same percentage and things will work out quite well.

Prolactin is released during orgasm. Recent orgasms can affect the lab results.


what else are you taking?

what are your other blood test results?

At 200mg a week and only 1100 blood test on day 3, there must be something else wrong with your system. If you find and fix that "something" you should be able to reduce your T dosage.

did you test for Vit D3, ferritin, Cortisol, Thyroid, etc. all per the blood test sticky?


YEA,all my lab results are over in the thread entitled E2 TOO LOW in 2 long different posts on that thread.Thanks !


It would be a good idea to not spread your case over multiple threads.


ditto... asking for advice = good. asking for advice and making people search through multiple threads to track down your information to help you = not so good.


Sorry man,Don't want to offend anyone & wasn't trying to make you search everywhere.In that thread (E2 too low) I posted all my lab #'s and you were the very first person to post a response directly under those lab results at 11:47 It seemed like the lab #'s were missed for some reason because everyone wasn't giving their usual great advice.Alot of readers were asking Questions like age ,how often I inject,how much T injected, lab results etc, when all that info was posted in that thread.That is why I started this new thread hoping for answers on this and refering back to labs.I'm very computer challenged.Didn't know how to do what you asked.Didn't really think it was that hard to look back on forum and in about 10 seconds find (E2 too low thread.)

I apologize again.Ive just been so sick,I've been fighting for my life for a good while,takes forever to type messages.I think sometimes we don't realize how very sick alot of people on here are,even though they may say how awful they feel,awful doesn't even describe it.I may browse this site occasionally,but I don;t think I'll post and offend anyone else.No hard feelings man.


KSamn, what's been your experience with Hematocrit levels and what's considered high and what not? My doctor wants me at 50 or under and I'm at 51.3 and wants me to get another phlebotomy. About a month ago my Hematocrit was at 53.x, then dropped naturally (reduce T dosage to 100mg) to 52.x, and Friday (after a Phelbotomy) and two weeks was 51.3. This may sound kind of lame but I'm sick of getting blood tests and blood drained every two weeks. Is there ever a point where somebody undergoing HRT just goes in for tests every couple months? Medical bills are pileing up.


Some have trouble with hematocrit when on TRT and doc's can be taking measures to avoid harm.
I and many others get labs and visit with docs every 6 months.
I do not have any idea about time frame for effects of reduced T dose on hematocrit.


I found this Men's Health center in Vegas that focuses on Testosterone Therapy. Do you have any experience with places like this? http://www.agelessmenshealth.com/las-vegas-testosterone-replacement-clinic.html


This is what pisses me off, sometimes about this forum(really most internet sites) This guy comes on here looking for help and he gets run off because he didn't follow some dumb internet protocol or ettiquet.


KS & PC responded to him in a respectful, yet matter-of-fact manner. What exactly is the problem here? No one should be expected to be coddled when people are doing them favors by sharing their knowledge with someone (not saying the OP felt this way, it seems like he took it in stride).

There is a reason people make the requests that they do and it is to allow for the easiest flow of information sharing as possible. Very hard to put a whole picture together when things are spread out all across the WWW.


Then there should be a new sticky: Caution, before you post, We are doing you a favor here by sharing our knowledge_ you will not be CODDELED

How arrogant.


1) I apologize if I came across rude or uncaring - that was not my intention, but can see how it could read to others - tone and meaning are hard when you are not face to face.
2) I understand how frustrating it can be to feel bad and not have a good doctor or know what direction to go.
3) I (and other I believe) spend our time on this and other boards trying to help others BECAUSE we have been there or are still "there". I take time out of my day (away from my work, from my family, or from my free time) to respond to try and help others in whatever limited way I can.
4) There are a lot of people asking questions and looking for help (heck I am one of them), and it is very hard to keep everyone's unique situation straight.
5) I am not sure why I should feel obligated to search through threads in order to provide advice. Have I done it in the past? yes. Do I do it every time? no. Can it get irritating? yes.
6) Virgil - I am confused. Are you saying that I am arrogant, that this board is arrogant, or what? I am missing something.
7) How are we chasing someone away? I was asking questions at first in order to understand the full situation and share what ever limited knowledge I might have. Rather then answer, the op decided to say that he posted it somewhere else. He did not feel inclined to post the information again for easy review, and I did not feel inclined to go back to the thread list, search for the post, open the post, scan it, then go back to this post in order to respond - seems like an equal 'offense' on both sides?
8) When I ask questions for myself, I try and provide all of the relevant information for others to review in one easy to understand concise format because I realize that if they decide to help me that they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart and that their time is valuable and that more than likely I will never be able to repay their kindness or help directly - and can only really pay it forward by helping others.
9) I wish everyone who is going through HRT or any medical problems the best of luck with their struggles.


You spelled coddled wrong.


Good Lord...the enemy is our lazy ballsacks and pituitaries..NOT EACH OTHER!


Zen like post man. Are you available to mediate the Palastinian Israeli conflict.

I didn't mean you, or the forum, in general, were arrogant, but when someone makes a post saying we're doing you a favor by sharing our knowledge, that sounds arrogant to me. And the stuff about not coddeling someone. Come on. In a couple of posts the dude(the OP) said he was computer challenged. I just think a little more patience could have been shown. By runoff I meant the guy must have felt intimadated, since he said he wasn't going to post anymore.

Maybe everyone needs to take a step back today. I saw on another thread KSman jumped the gun and misunderstood someone.

I will continue to read and learn from this forum and thanks to the guys who contribute.


Absolutely right!LOL!Let's keep cool heads.LOL!Purechance and I have both apologized.It;s cool. I know exactly what I need & want to say on a post but when I start typing, with my brainfog,I become brain dead!.Used to be a fairly intelligent guy.You'd never know it now!Then later,I'm like s**t,I can't believe I didn't put some of the most important info in there.Then I don't know how I should handle it!Don't want everyone to chase my info all over the place! The way I've done it I'm afraid some of the most experienced people won't see it and I'll piss somebody off.Then I sit around and worry about it.Just try to overlook me and help me get straightened up,then give me hell!