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Is Too Much Volume?


im doing a V-Diet right now and i am following the workout routine provided but i am planning ahead for when i get off the V-Diet. i will put on some lean mass, once i get off i will be 150-150 lbs, im 5'7"

im gonna stick with strictly compound exercises 4 times a week and 40 reps per exercise with moderate weight. i will be taking anaconda protocol 2, i plan on sticking with this for 12 weeks. my goal is at least 10 pound LBM

A-squat, power clean, chin ups, shoulder press,

B- conventional deadlift, bench press, barbell row, dips

repeat A

repeat B


For your repeat days.. i'd consider swapping out some for other compounds, or atleast i different variation of the previous exercise. instead of chinups, pullups. instead of bench press, incline DB press. instead of barbell row, single arm DB rows. Or atleast switch up the intensity/rep scheme.
10lbs LBM in 3 months will be quite the task, i hope you plan on eating a shit ton of food, and sleeping your ass off.


yes lots of food and plenty of sleep is part of the plan.

i was thinking about doing straight dumbbell variations on repeat days except for the squats and deads. i also was thinking about adding in some auxilary exercises like ab wheel rollouts/bicep curls/calf raises but i think adding those will definately be too much.


I hate squatting and deadlifting the day after each other.

U might like it though :slightly_smiling: What kinda weights u putting up lad?


if you can get in and out of the gym in an hour or less, i wouldn't think it's too much volume.


i workout at home. squats and deads will be about 220 for this many reps with the first set being 8-9 reps with perfect form. im using Chad Waterbury's count reps method


You are on a program for the v-diet.

Ever thought of following a proven program? BB split? Strength?


no because i feel i am still somewhat of an intermediate lifter and i prefer to stick with compound exercises. my lifts in the compound exercises i posted are not where i want them to be.


also i am only doing the V-Diet program while on the V-Diet. this new routine i was asking about is for when i get off the V-Diet and i start to bulk again.


Sorry, my bad.

Ever thought of following a proven program AFTER the v-diet?

Being an intermediate has nothing to do with anything. Programs, like BB split, or BBB or 5/3/1 or Jaugernaut, etc are for almost everyone. And, like the v-diet WO's, proven to work.

Just a thought.


i have looked into 5/3/1 and bb splits but those programs require some machines that i dont have access to. i work out at home and all i have is a power cage, bench, pull up bar, and dip station, all of which are homemade. i really wanted to do 5/3/1 but cant do leg press.


You should try reading some info on 5/3/1. I'm not sure where you got the idea you need a leg press. Good lick on 10 pounds of LBM in 12 weeks though...


Dont need a leg press for 5/3/1.

As per the book, it circles around 4 main lift (that can all be done in a cage if you want) and accessory work (you do what you want)

You can actually do the program with just a cage, a bench and a barbell if you want.

I would say, go for it. Do the 5/3/1 and watch your numbers go up.


i swear i thought 5/3/1 needed leg press?


He said 10lbs, not 40lbs, lol. I don't see how just gaining 10lbs in 12 weeks is all that hard.



whats that mean? go for it?


nope. Wendler even says in the book that you can apply the template to damn near anything. though why you would want to do that for anything beyond a big lift is beyond me.


OP, just buy the book (if you haven`t already) and do 5/3/1 like you wanted to.

Good luck.


Since the V Diet program has total body workouts, it'd probably be good for you to change it up when you intend to gain again moving away from TBT. For that an upper/lower would be a good bet for you with your limited equipment. 5/3/1 seems to have what you are looking for.

How long do you intend to hold your weight once you are done with the V Diet? IMO it'd be good for you to hold your lowest weight for a good 2-3 months.