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Is Too Much Flexibility Bad?


It it a bad thing to have too much flexibility ? It's natural, not something I trained.

For example I can bend my elbows above a straight line(between forearm and triceps), I can do the same thing with my knees and can also stretch my fingers(the smaller the more they can stretch, with the right hand being more flexible) well beyond perpendicular. I don't think I have any more oddly flexible joints.


Technically, too much flexibility can be bad in some instances. However, the reality is that most people are not flexible enough.

For your situation, I would say that you don't need to focus on any additional stretching (for those areas you mentioned) and only need to train properly with weights and other exercises. Just be more careful when using weights so that you don't hyperextend anything.


Well, hyper-extending these joints is quite easy and I try to not do it. I do notice that when I don't rest on my knees while squatting(a bad practice as it seems) that I don't have knee aches.


You have super lax joints. Some people have this. I do.

I have recently seen a doctor and a physio about this.

It is perfectly OK. They said if you keep doing this you might get arthitis when you're 50 (I'm 22). They said MIGHT. They had no idea. They said if it is not painful then there is not a lot they can help me with.

I find it relieving to crack my elbows, knees, spine, knuckles, neck and shoulders. Scares the shit out of people when I do it!

I'll see in another 10 years if I have joint problems....

Never hyper extend when doing lifts of course!

See http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1733419 where I just spoke about this 5 mins ago.