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Is Too Much Chest Pressing Damaging



The other day I read a short artical about how doing to many chest press exercises can cause bad posture. i dont have any problems with my posture at the moment but i do enjoy doing chest exercises and i work them hard , harder than other body parts if im honest.

I was just wondering if this was true and if so what muscles do i need to work to combat this and does any1 know of any good exercises to work those muscles.??

thanks in advance


face pulls
rows of all kind
rear delt work

Strech your chest and do cut down on the front delt work for a while.


You can work your chest as much as you want just do equal work for your back. The kinds are exercises to do are the ones listed above.


yeah make upper back/rotator cuff and rows your fav exercises, from what i gather you cant really do too many rows but you can to too many presses.

i pass the pencil test with flying colours because my upper back is my strongest feature


Thanks for the input guys its much appricated. Its kinda what i thought anyhow just wanted to be sure.
thanks again.


this can also be a good indicator of what you need to work on more, your chest or back. if your arms pull forward then your chest is to strong for your back if your arms pull back your back is too strong for you chest.