Is Tinned Fruit Any Good?

So the frozen veges are supposedly better because they are snap-frozen which preserves all of the nutrients compared to the fresh stuff which deteriorates all the way to the supermarket and until you eat it.

I’d love to be able to find fruit other than berries that are snap-frozen, but in their absence is tinned fruit any good or is it likely devoid of all nutritional value excepting calories and a bit of fibre?

Thanks. I tried searching for this, but ‘tinned’ as a search parameter means page after page of thread/post about tuna. Sorry if this has been addressed.

You could have tried “tinned fruit” or “canned fruit”. What I have learned from the hits on this site and a general google:

  • Get unsweetened canned fruit (ok, this is pretty obvious)
  • Vitamin C content may be reduced. Did not find a percentage, though.
  • May be Bisphenol A contaminated. This would be my biggest worry. I understand that in the US you start getting BPA free containers but I do not know, if they are specially labeled.

The cans of the pineapples I am currently using for breakfast do not have any plastic lining. So I think I am save at least from BPA. I just have to make sure I do not leave the pineapples in the can once opened because otherwise a lot of tin would be leaking into them.