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Is this yogurt poison?

Just read the label on one of my “fat-free” yogurts - the fucking 125g thing has 7g of sugar! Is it just me, or is it far from “fat-free”?

Its you. Sugars contain no fat.

Is sugar fat? Nope

sugar is not fat

Sure, high sugar intake can make you fat, but as long as there is no fat in the yogurt, it can be labelled: non-fat.

Well, sugar is not fat, is it?

Uh, sugar is a carbohydrate, not a fat. (Until your body gets hold of it that is.) I believe there are sugar free and sugar and fat free forms of yogurt.

Now if my fish oil capsules were listed as fat free I might start to worry.

Seems like at least this one time we reached a consensous.

Very nice.

Only 7g of sugar? That’s nothing.

Sugar is simple carbhydrate which if it is not utilized it will turn into fat. But in itself “sugar” is not fat. So inessence the ad is right the yogurts is “fat-free”. All though I feel sometimes the label “FAT FREE” tends to mislead your average “JOE”.

Precisely, fitone

Yes, poison! Bad! Run!

I’m such a hypocrite - just ate two :wink: