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Is this wrong?

A sensible plan is to eat 3 high-insulin meals as your first 3 of the day, and 3 low insulin meals to finish the day. This can be accomplished as follows:

1st 3 meals:

Protein plus carbs with no fat

2nd 3 meals:

Protein plus fat with no carbs

I thought p+f were low insulin meals? Is this a typo…What’s the deal?

Huh? You answered your own question! The second three meals are to be low insulin, therefore are protein+fat. As you wrote, “…I thought p+f were low insulin meals?” They are! I see no typo, on your nor JB’s part–unless I’m hallucinating.

Boy you are a little self centered assuming that everyone else who reads t-mag trains in the evening like you :slight_smile: Just kidding, I think that you are assuming this though because your confusiong with the fact that p+f are low insulin and you want a high insulin meal in the evening after your training. Well, if you train in the am, you are fine. If you train in the evening make the appropriate adjustment (like adding a P+C meal after training for 7 total).

Hyok, you’re right, I totally read that wrong. Thanks for the reality check. And thanks for the response JB.