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Is This Workout Split Optimal?

I have started a 10 day training program, in lieu of trying something new. 2 days biceps and triceps together. 2 days shoulder and chest together. Rest day. 2 days legs. Rest day. 2 days Back. Rest day. Is this a good split? I am worried I am putting too much recovery time between each muscle group.

If you’d like good feedback on this program, you’re likely going to need to provide a lot more details. Sets, reps, intensity, and type of movements you’re doing for each group. Otherwise, we can’t really help much.

I always recommend 5/3/1 or something similar. It’s been proven several thousand times to work, as long as you commit and put in the work.

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It’s not too synergistic, and it’s odd to do the same body part two days in a row, and even if you were to space out the two sessions, that’s pretty low localized frequency. I would recommend either upper/lower done 4 or 6 days a week, Legs, Push, Pull 4-6 days a week, or full body 3-4 days a week. Christian Thibaudeau likes 3 full body sessions + 1 “gap workout” to address lagging muscle groups or to get more isolation work in, I like this as well. I think what you’ve laid out doesn’t really make sense.

I’m referring to all of this completely in a Hypertrophy context, as that is my area of understanding and experience. If you’re looking more for strength focus, I’m sure one of the other users who specialize in that could give you a more optimal split for that purpose.

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I fail to see any rationale for the pairings that you have chosen.


How long have you tried this split? What are the results so far ?

I have noticed some good development in my legs and back. But I believe the smaller muscles are lagging due to large gap between each muscle group

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I do same bodyparts twice to completely exhaust them.

Before every exercise( except leg day) I warmup with dynamic stretching, 5 sets of 20 pushups of different types and 3 sets of 12 pull-ups. First two days. 2 sets of barbell curls with focus on eccentric for 15 reps. 2 sets of hammer curls and dumbell curls 20 reps with static hold. 4 sets of cable extension for triceps. 4 sets of static hold with a heavy dumbell.
Next two days: 2 sets of handstand pushups, 2 sets of military press. Two sets of front raises. Each 10 reps.Four sets of lateral raises, 20 reps. 4 sets of rear delt raise, 10 reps. 4 sets of pushups with focus on eccentrics for chest.15 reps. 4 sets of benchpress 10 reps. After a rest day, for the next two days, 4 sets of squat with increasing loads, reps depending on the load. Lower weight higher reps. 4 sets of weighted bridge for glutes 20 reps. 4 sets of Bulgarian squats, bodyweight, 15 reps. After a day of rest, for the next two days, 4 sets of barbell rows/ dead rows, 15 reps. Pulldowns, 4 sets of 10 reps. Shrugs, 4 sets of ladder( 2 reps, 5 sec hold, 3 reps , 5 sec hold until I reach 8 such reps). Finally conventional deadlift with increasing load. Higher reps for lower weight.

I have noticed some good development in my legs and back. But I believe the smaller muscles are lagging due to large gap between each muscle group

This workout split is optimal. Let’s go ahead and end this thread now.