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Is This Workout Plan Sufficient?

This is what my workout plan looked like before:

Monday - Arms and abs
Tuesday - shoulders n back
Wednesday - chest n abs
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Arms, abs and shoulders
Saturday - chest and back
Sunday - off

i took a couple weeks off because im thinking workin out that hard kinda burned me out, but now im starting back up this week, and im thinkin this:

Monday - Arms and abs
Tuesday - Cardio
Wednesday - Shoulders/back and abs
Thursday - Legs and cardio
Friday - Chest and abs
Saturday - Total Body Workout
Sunday - off

What u guys think?

Arms and abs is not a workout. Why hit only small musclegroups on one day.
Target the big muscles first: so not shoulder/back and abs, but back/shoulder and abs.

You shouldn’t be able to do any decent cardio after a leg workout.

Also, don’t waste time on the small muscle groups like shoulders, biceps, triceps when you can hit them together with the bigger muscles in compound exercises.

What’s up with all the abs? Are you trying to loose weight? Bring out your sixpack? If that’s your goal, watch your food intake and do cardio.

Why not try something like this:
monday: chest/triceps (bench press, incl db press) & abs
tuesday: cardio
wednesday: upper legs, lower back (deadlift, goodmorning, squat) & obliques (wood chop)
thursday: cardio
friday: upper back (pull up, rows) and biceps (any curl), calves
saturday: off, or cardio
sunday: off

alright man thanx alot i really appreciate that


What about sets and reps? Don’t tell me you’re doing 4x10 for 4 exercises per body part :slight_smile:

well i was doin 5x5, but i was thinkin aboot switchin it to 3x10

heres my workout plan