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Is This Why Trainers Have a Bad Rep?


One of the main reasons why I like the pieces of writing of Christian Thibaudeau this much is that he is one of those trainers that walk the walk first and then talk the talk.




"You notice the bar is not moving when I squat down."

Lol its because you aren't squatting.


I lol'd, quite literally.


Yes indeed, yet her pea-sized cranium is EMPTY!

It is very unfortunate that while Congresswoman Giffords fights for her life, this brainless "trainer" cum dumpster skank continues to breathe and waste valuable air!

Even more sad are the legions of clueless individuals who will actually look at her as if she knows what she is talking about!



Can't say it any better. But at least her COREZ IS ROX SOLID AND HER ELBOWZ IZ LOCKD!


She's Hot!!!


Shouldn't this video be in the powerlifting forum. Afterall she said the overhead squat was a variation of the powerlifting exercise called the "snatch." I feel informed.


hahahaha I didn't notice that.

'my arms are locked out... straight. My elbows aren't locked out'


Her vids are killing me.


2 of my pet peeves.

  1. People who call the snatch and clean and jerk "powerlifts" or refer to my sport as powerlifting

  2. Idiots. Like the kind who think it's a good idea to do a rack pull, then walk back a few steps with a loaded barbell before you start deadlifting.


Snatch and Clean and Jerk != powerlifting
you going to the gym to f0ck around, weight train != olympic weightlifting
olympic weightlifting = Snatch, Clean and Jerk

This guy said he dl 200kg, he took it out of the rack and then went down and up. I was like WTF? That isn't a DL FFS. The bar needs to start from the floor. It's MUCH MUCH harder starting the bar off the floor then when your holding it upright under tension and going down and then backup.

Or the type who uses the rack to do pulls with a pathetically low amount of weight that a 15yr old girl can pull it off the floor. Why use the rack?!



he needs to learn why its called a DEADlift :wink:


Who is giving these people cameras and microphones??


The deaf and blind I would assume.


But my arms are straaaawng! haha


"my back is straight, no rounding......" 0.57

wow this is bad


"If your shins are bruised and bleeding and quads are bruised you've done the deadlift, just right"

Ummm, I didn't notice her legs bruised and bleeding. Post a video that targets a wider range of people woman.


Stupid cunt.