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Is This Whey Okay?


i ask because its easily available to me and its fairly cheap, i plan to also buy some Metabolic Drive but ill probably only take that before sleep due to its high cost and low availability for me.


Personally I’d go with the Grow! Whey Protein on this site. 5 pounds of high quality whey from a trusted source @ 30 bucks is very good. You won’t find significantly better prices.

If not here, then I’d probably go with trueprotein.com

thanx man

but does anyone have any comments on the quality of this protein by looking at the ingredients? i know the company seems kind of trendy but it would be much easier to use this stuff

If you’d prefer to use it, then go ahead. Frankly, I don’t know what all that extra crap is, but I’ll assume it’s at least not harmful. Just don’t buy it because of the “probolic muscle growth accelerators”.

is probolic even a word? Trueprotein.com is a good source. DC has a cool deal going on over there.

I use there protein and its fine.


frankly i could care less about all the extra shit they are throwing in as long as it does what it needs to do

I’ve used SixStar before but I didn’t like it. I switched to ON but for monetary reasons I think I’m gonna switch to Grow!Whey.

[quote]GrindOverMatter wrote:


in my opinion all the whey concentrates are similar enough to not matter which brand.

Is the Grow! Whey high in cholesterol? Seems a bit higher than most protein powders I have used(even Surge and Metabolic Drive). Grow! Whey has some where around 65 mg I think, and the others have about 5mg.