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Is This What Professional BB Is Like?



I just read this article and its quite frightening. Granted it's from 97, but the competitors have gotten bigger since.

Is this what its like? Do pros actually go to these lengths to become what they are? Or is this entire article falsified??


What a complete load of bullshit, the "today tonight" fear factor style reporting.

Are people really dumb enough to think this is true??


I'm saying ballz on this.
"IM: Good lord!
BB: And steroids, that's not a really big problem. I use a lot, but you can get it cheap. Mostly you gotta pay people to tell you how to use them. The growth hormone, IGF-IÉ."

^^^^Big balls on this statement.


The blue commentary is another ball fondling moment. Really this whole thing is kinda of bugging me. The douche is clearly anti-steroid. This is trash.


Anybody have a list of bodybuilder's who have passed away since the writing of that article from either steroids, organ failures and from dieting for a contest


I stopped reading when he said all of the top pros are where they are because of their massive drug use and that none of them train hard. He even said they can sleep while training. OKAY.


even someone with no knowledge whatsoever should be able to see this as a very one-sided concocted "interview".


But it does bring up a good question as to the state of Professional Bodybuilding today. I mean have they really have gotten to big? Why is bodybuilding not as popular as it was back in year of Arnold etc. Why did it lose its limelite?

I remember watching a video of Ronnie Coleman saying that "someday people will realize were just like any other sport." It used to be like that but it went back to being underground :confused:


I'm pretty sure that's made up, or if not, the author is still a pretty clueless douche.

But, it does bring up some very true points.


aww hell no! don't /thread me. jk lol! I think certain aspects of bodybuilding have gone mainstream. Look around you. The boom of the supplement industry. Someone wants to get big. I walk into my new facility and see maybe 2 guys no counting myself that are there to take care of business. The rest of the population all want the same thing we strive for and punish our bodies to accomplish but a a lesser cost.

Need I say it? Fuck yeah! "Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but ain't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights! I do it though!" -King Coleman. Hearing him say, "I do it though" fucking fires me up to the point that upon the conclusion of this post I'm going to go train. Proudly proclaiming his deviance from the norm. The sport has gone mainstream to a lesser degree.

Everybody wants decent to big arms, a proud chest, cannon ball delts and by default live the lifestyle to a lesser degree. This halfbreed sees Coleman and says, "eww" while the true aspiring bodybuilder sees the man behind the 8 Sandows. The halfbreed stops when the burn in the bicep curl begins. The "few" push through the pain, drop that weight and continue until the burn is so intense the mind has to quickly block out the trauma. The differences are many and my time is exhausted.

My concluding statements are: certain aspects of the sport have gone mainstream but due to the view that society has regarding certain necessary factors the sport will never flourish.


But I mean it did Flourish during the time of Arnold, Sergio etc. I mean why are the guys today not celebrities or even have Tv time?(i know there is strongmen comps but were not talking about those)


Yeah it did dood! Didn't you read my mildly epic post? Certain aspects are commonplace. Almost every T.V show has some fruit that lifts weights and has a decent upper body and the lower of a wheelchair bound person as a character.


Craig Titus was vocal about similar things. The depravity of the behind-the-scenes lives of [some] pros is almost heartbreaking.

I don't understand why people don't get that there's a lot more that goes on in the lifestyle of a pro bodybuilder than what you see in their youtube videos. It's easy to claim an interview has no merit but when the same information is coming out at different times and from different sources maybe there's more to it than an anti-steroid agenda.


Well ain't Craig Titus a chatty Cathy. Ex of depravity: Kovacs' alleged butt wiping with a beach towel because he couldn't reach. Sure there are some narly skeletons to be exposed but events are rarely reported


all i wanted to say was the dude in your avatar is impressive


"BB: About $60,000, but it's going to be higher next year. Just this last year I had to add [blank]. Right now it's the number-one bodybuilding "supplement" in the competition ring. All these guys you see getting bigger, it's that. No question. Two years ago...I don't want to take nothing from [blank], really nice guy, nice family man, but physiquewise he was flat as a pancake. Now he's bigger, 20 to 30 pounds heavier. It's all [from this stuff]. [Blank] is heavy on it. Of course, we all are. I'm scared shitless."

This 'interview' is ridiculous, and not in a good way.


You clearly just made up some view of bodybuilding in the 60's because what you are describing is NOT how things were. Bodybuilding was NEVER mainstream and before Arnold got cast in Hercules goes to New York, most people had never heard of him unless they were somewhat involved in weight lifting. He was far from a household name before he became an actor. I am not sure why you consider this "flourishing".

I would venture that more people probably have at least heard of Ronnie Coleman or seen him before somewhere than those who knew who Arnold was specifically before he became more famous simply because of faster information transfer due to the internet and more responsive media.

You do realize that of ALL of those guys in Arnold's era that only he and Lou Ferrigno became famous and that is because of acting?

The standards of media today wouldn't even allow an "Arnold" to succeed. The man was born at the right time to get to where he is now.


Apparently so. This thread exists. Bodybuilding today has done a huge turn for the better yet people still bring shit like this up just to have something to talk about. Pretty pathetic.


Off topic.

That's a really bad film.



Sorta interesting read, some seems truthful, some seems false. I think we can argue till we are blue in the face about what direction the sport is going in, and we still wont get anywhere.

BUT heres where I think something of note should be said. In all sports there have been advancements and thats a positive, but in bodybuilding the advancements havent really advanced the sport.

For example (lets forget about drug use for a second, most atheletes use drugs, granted much more in bodybuilding given the nature of the sport. Instead lets concentrate on the results hardwork and drug use have produced)

Im sure Carl Lewis wishes he could have ran as fast as Usain Bolt. Im sure Jerry West wishes he could have dunked from the free throw line like Dr. J. or Jordan. etc, etc, etc. What im also sure about is that Arnold doesnt wish he looked liked Jay Cutler. Oliva doesnt think Coleman's lat spread is impressive, he thinks he waist is monstrous.

When the fathers of the sport are not impressed with the winning product, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. With Dexter winning last years O, i think the sport has decided to take a drastic turn(for the better IMO) lets see if they continue this at the 2009 O.

Note: Please dont reply to this Post saying you love Ronnie Coleman and you think hes the greatest of all time. If you do thats fine and I have no issue with that. I think Ronnie is a great a person and represents what a hardworking champion should be. I just feel the era he ushered in brought some good and some bad