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Is This Video Real?

I think it is.

Yeah, it’s fake.

Unless the laws of physics don’t apply in that backyard.

Nope. The guys center of gravity while leaning back in the chair would be below that of the bands, so all that would happen if it were real would be that the chair got pulled out from under him and he’d fall on his back.

Besides that, the angle of launch is much greater than the angle of the bands, which would indicate the angle of the projectile (the man).

I hate to ruin such a good post with physics, but you asked.

I think it is real funny


Also, there’s no way in hell those kids could pull the bands back far enough to preload them with enough force to lauch that guy anywhere at all.

– ElbowStrike

That shit’s histerical.

The cow one was funnier than the slingshot one. The cow one made me think that’s what it’s like when really fat people have sex.

I don’t ever want to think about that again…

I’d say it’s about as real as those old Powerade commercials where Vick throws a 100 yard pass and a guy jumps a 30 foot gap over a draw-bridge. Those were some damn good commercials however.

[quote]titopuente wrote:
I think it is.[/quote]

Yeah it’s a fake. Actually it’s a commercial for sprite zero:


Watch the end.

Seriously, who would think that this is real?
I am sorry for being insulting to anybody who did think it was real. But two people arnt going to have enough strength to pull a band back far enough to launch a man of that size that distance.