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Is This Transformation Possible?




It's just good lighting.


Yeah if you eat right, train your ass off, and give up 90% of your social life. I would bet to think that if he was 127, he had alot of genetic potential. Didnt look like he had stretch marks either.


Yeah it's possible. Take some one who has better then average genetics. Feed him a lot while he's going through puberty while hitting the weights hard and this is what you get. I love the retarded ass comments on bb.com. Seems to be a lot of hate on their cause this kid is bigger then most 20 something yearolds who think they're hot shit. I say good for that kid he's got huge potential.


At that age, of course. I gained 25 lbs in 3 months during puberty while decreasing body fat and no change at all with my diet.


If he claimed to have done this at say 25, I probably wouldn't believe it. Gaining almost 70 lbs in one year?

But, since he's only 15 it seems reasonable given the right conditions. I imagine that at 14-15-16 your average male puts on 20-30 lbs a year just from puberty. Say this kid had a somewhat unusual growth spurt that year, took training and his diet really seriously and I think it's quite believable that he made those gains in a year. Another factor is height, he doesn't mention how much he grew (vertically) in that time. Especially if there was a 2-3 inch height gain that came along during that year, it seems entirely believable to me. He also might be fudging the numbers a little, but they look right to me. He says he's 5'7, and I'd guess that he is close to 195, if not 195 in those pics. I'm 5' 7 and 195 with slightly more body fat then him, and his build looks pretty close to mine.

Even looking at the kids current stats (it says he's 215 now at 5' 7, and this post was made at the end of last year), it seems believable.


looks at himself That's harsh man...


Yeah I know the feeling. I have learned to swallow my pride and do the best with what I got. I don't give a fuck what anyone says even if you get the worse genetics. You can still build a body that stands out in a crowd. Will you be pro material? No. Can you be one of the biggest/strongest guys in your surrounding gyms? HELL YEAH.


Seems legit for someone who is probably going through puberty. He probably has good genetics too. I wish i had spurt like that when i was that age.


anything's possible... then again, Arnold took roids at 15 and was far larger than that guy... so, for the record... Arnold wins. Forever.


nah man Arnie took roids when he was 8..nah 6..shall we leave it 3?


he looks anorexic in the first pic. he probably just started eating like a normal human being and lifting hard. and im sure his effort/diet is what made his "good genetics" happen.


Alright, fine. 2. But I won't go any higher than that!


lol,,look man, Arnies size at a young age was a byproduct of his genetics NOT roids..


I'm seriously starting to think that weightlifting sites like this one, as well as others like BB.com attract people solely with poor genetics who are seeking answers to why they can't gain weight and muscle mass. As a result a community accumulates which doesn't appropriately represent the overall population. Since people who easily gain muscle mass and weight don't bother looking for a site for help, or if they do they don't stick around long enough to share their results. It just astonishes me how many people find this unbelievable, some even so much they scream steroids. This isn't surprising to me whatsoever and is easily attainable with the proper nutrition and work ethic.


Man, I feel like I missed my puberty, I think about all that could have been.


way to copy what I said. and hard work and some dietary education can go along way in fixing so-called "poor genetics".