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Is This Training Program Too Taxing?

Hi, i am doing this kind of split:

  • Day1: Legs/back + biceps
  • Day2: Chest/Shoulders + triceps

Doing it like that:
Day1 – Day2 --Day1 – Cardio (slow steady) – Day2 – Day1 – Day2 – Cardio (slow steady) and so on.

It worked great for last 2 - 3 months re-gained alot of power even advanced in it abit.

Day1 lifts:
4x5 Deadlift, 2x10 Wide grip lat pulldown
4x5 Squat, 2x10 One leg lunges
2x10 Biceps Curls

Day2 lifts:
4x5 Bench press, 2x10 Weighted dips
4x5 Sitting military press, 2x10 Arnold press
1xMax Triceps (rope or V bar)

Cardio day: 20-40 min hill treadmill at 9% and 4.5kmh and sometimes 10x 150 jumps on jumprope.

Recently feelt like i need deload and i did 4 days (Day1(50% max)–Day2(50% max)–Cardio–Day1(75% max)-Day2(75% max) before switcing back to old regime. It was abit abit better first few days and felt tired again. I was doing around 130 reps per week on big muscles and 60 reps on small ones. Also when i am training i am going all out to failure or one before that. (Friend spotting helps last rep abit on compounds)

So i tried to switch abit things around, doing it like that for last two weeks:

Now its 150 reps per week on big ones and 66 reps on small ones also more exercises not plain and simple compund ones. Split is same but Day1 is Day1(A) and Day1 next time is Day1(B) and cycle.

Day1(A) – Day2(A) --Day1(B) – Cardio (slow steady) – Day2(B) – Day1(A) – Day2(A) – Cardio (slow steady)–Day1(B) and so on.

Day1(A) lifts:
3x8 Deadlift, 2x8 Wide grip lat pulldown
3x8 Squat, 2x8 One leg lunges
3x8 Biceps Curls

Day2(A) lifts:
3x8 Bench press, 2x8 Weighted dips
3x8 Sitting military press, 2x8 Sitting lateral raises
3x8 Triceps (rope or V bar)

Day1(B) lifts:
3x8 Rows, 3x8 Close grip lat pulldown, 3x8 One hand pull down
3x8 Front squat, 3x8 Leg extensions, 3x8 Seated Leg Curl
3x8 Hammer biceps

Day2(B) lifts:
3x8 Incline bench press, 3x8 Cabel flys, 3x8 Inner chest dumbbell
3x8 Arnold press, 3x8 One hand fly, 3x8 pulls from ground to above head
3x8 Close grip bench

Fast forward in last two weeks i am progressing at everything atleast feels like it (numbers say so)… Only problem is compund exercies feels alot havier than usual cant keep up with them. Strenght dropped especially on Back squat and Deadlift.

Now i am thinking to completly leave 2 day split and going to something like Chest/Shoulders+ triceps, leg and back+biceps day ( Leg-- Chest/Shoulder – Back – Cardio-- Leg…) or should i stay on current program and try brake trought it? As i said only problem is compound ones also was thinking about Doing Day1(B) Day2(B) twice in a row and skip A days.

Sorry for wall of text i hope its understandable. Also i am sleeping 8+h and eating enough

ps: lower back seems to be abit tight quite often now days…also i cant change around 3 day ON 1 day OFF (cardio) i am doing cardio on work day in workstation gym.

I was taxed just reading that shit :joy:


How old are you and how long have you been training?

2 days a week of training should rarely be taxing on your body to the point of extreme fatigue no matter how intense. You need to up your work capacity pronto if you are feeling ran down lifting twice weekly.

Obviously one of these is lacking more than you’re letting on if you’re feeling shitty doing what you currently are.

I lift 3 days in row following with 1 day cardio and reapet. So its 6 workouts hitting each muscle 3 times per week because its 2 day split.

Also its 6 sets per mucle on workout day should be fine on weekly total volume as far i know.

Age: 27 Height: 170cm(5’7’’) Weight: 80kg(176lbs) BF: around 18-20%
Lift on and off for 10 years.
2019 lifted 9/12 months and back to gym in Dec 2019 till now.

Deadlift: 3x175kg 3x385lbs
Squat: 1x160kg 1x352lbs
Bench: 2x125kg 2x275

Just drop 2 gym days per week.

Day 1a, Day 2a, cardio or Rest, Day 1b, Day 2b, cardio, rest

That would be my first change

You gotta work on your formatting my guy because I didn’t get any of that from your post. All this Day 1 Day 2 stuff made it looks like you train twice a week.

Like @strongmangoals said, drop a day or two and gauge it. If you’re still feeling low take another day out or spread volume across more. I know you said you eat enough, but if you aren’t recovering from your current weekly training, you aren’t eating enough.

Finally, what are your goals? What’re you training for or want out of your program?

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For at least 2 months more my goal is mass and strength gains. After that i will probably switch to losing 1lbs (0.5kg) per week till i hit 10% BF.

That’s not a goal. What do you want to accomplish training the way you currently are?

Just body recomposition and actually having muscle when i cut down. I have in mind Men physique in october 2020 but i will have to go on juice for 3 months to gain atleast few more lbs of muscle if i decide on that one (not sure yet)

You’re FARR from needing gear if you’re 175 at 20% bf at your strength levels man. Obviously I can’t tell you what to do, but please take a look at SMART goals, start training with purpose and push your natural abilities. Training programs work for people, but not all people work for programs.

can you recommend any good training program? as i said just body recomp, when i cut down i want to look good not like 15yr old boy :slight_smile: i am only 5’7’’

Again, any program will work. Destroy the Opposition, chaos n’ pain, DeepWater, 5/3/1, PHAT, PHUL, bro splits, juggernaut, any of the training programs here, etc. Just find one you really vibe with and jump in full force. Eat hard, train your ass off and sleep hard. Do that for 5 more years. Really drain everything you have naturally and find out if you really want to pursue men’s physique before you even consider using gear.

People literally make tons of progress doing the stupidest shit because they believe in it. If you choose a program an experienced coach has written and buy in fully, you’ll already be a step ahead of the curve.


Thanks i will look into it !