Is This Too Much?

Mon. Upper Body
-Incline Bench 12,10,8,6,3
-Pullover 10,8,6
-Barbell Row 12,10,8,6,3
-Dumb Bell Row 12,10,8,6,3
-Triceps 12,12,12 Drop set
-Biceps 12,12,12 Drop Set

Tues. Lower Body
-Back Squat 12,10,8,6,3
-Hack Squat 12,10,8,6,3
-Romanian Deadlift 10,8,6
-Standing Military Press 12,10,8,6,3

Thurs. Upper Body
-Flat Bench 12,10,8,6,3
-Weighted Dips 12,10,8,6,3
-Power Straight 3x Failure
-Weighted Pull-ups 12,10,8,6,3
-Deadlift 12,10,8,6,3

Fri. Lower Body
-Vertical Jumps 3x6
-Double Bounds 3x6
-Lunge Jump 3x6
-Front Squat 12,10,8,6,3
-Power Clean 12,10,8,6,3
-Push Press 5,5,5,5,5
-Triceps 12,12,12 Drop Set
-Biceps 12,12,12 Drop Set

Is this excessive?

Yes, pick a goal. Throwing in everything at once won’t allow you to accomplish everything at once. You need maybe half that stuff, and exercise order is screwed up, too. Deadlifts as the last exercise on Thur, for instance.

What are your goals? What strength qualities and what movement patterns do you need to improve to realize these goals? Where specifically are you deficient? Some things to consider.

We don’t know.

If you’re using the little pink dumbbells or are a juiced up pro bodybuilder then it’s not too much.

If you are a natural beginner/intermediate amateur then it’s likely way too much volume.

Give us more details. (After which we’ll probably tell you to pick a routine from one of the authors here anyway! 8^)

again, it depends on your personal recovery and if you are juicing or not, but i don’t recommend doing shoulders on your lower body day. they are already hit indirectly by your presses and rows on upper body day.

I plan on doing this for 6 weeks.
Goals are mainly strength and some hypertrophy using only composite movements, hence I chose the pyramid method and to gain weight.

I am natural, but starting on Surge/creatine when I get them.

I did this for 1 week so far. I didn’t encounter any problems beside that my shoulders failing me on Thurs. and I was mad.

My 3rm max are
-Bench 225lbs
-Squat 315lbs
-Press 135lbs
-Deadlift 315lbs

I am 5’6’’ 150lbs.

What should I change with this?

Edit: I meant 6 weeks not 6 months.

I don’t think it’s too bad but fuck doing it for 6 months.

Do it until you can’t improve for 2 wks. Then change.

Sitting on the same program for 6 months, day in day out is crazy if you’re not getting results.

Looking at your body weight however, I would reduce the volume and increase the intensity.

Eg: 12 work sets with the heaviest weights you can handle with good form for at least 8 reps a set, 3-4 times a week.

If you’re not gaining with that, then it’s your diet.

i don’t think that’s to much natural or not three days off each week sounds good but maybe i train to much i agree to change it regardless i like the idea of “overtraining” for a while then backing off that way i can train the way i like to. some people train 1 or 2 sets per muscle and respond but thats not why i train.