Is This Too Much

I am doing GVT part 2 and i am getting results but i was wondering if i could/should do 20 pushup, situps and squats 4 or 5 times a day on my non workout days. I would do all 3 exerceises in a row.

I got the idea from 100 reps a day program on this site.

Is this too much training? I am 20 years old and my goals are to bulk.

If you are talking NO WHERE near failure and simply recovery type work then YES its cool IMO. I would not do those if you are getting near failure however while doing that whole program.

Also I do beleive Chad suggest you pick ONE to do the 100 rep protocol on when using big compound movments like pushup or squat. Or two when doing say curls or tri extensions. It can just be very taxinbg and you need time to heal my man you all the training does NOTHING.

Hope that helps,

Why don’t you find out for yourself? That may work wonders and it may also cause you to severely overtrain. Without accessing your GPP, no one can give you a definetive answer.