Is This Too Much?

Just a quick question for anyone that would like to reply…who thinks this is too much for one day?
I like to train a bit of strength and volume on the same day for every major muscle group. Eg my leg workout would look like this:

Back squats (max in good form)
3 W/up sets, not intense
5 of 185 lbs
5 of 205 lbs
5 of 215 lbs
3 of 225

3 of 225* 100 secs rest in between

Dumbell squats 5 sets of 10 at a 3-0-2 tempo with 60 secs rest.

Seated calve raise
3 sets of 10 same tempo as above

Standing single calf raise
3 sets of 8 same tempo as above

Swissball leg curls
3 sets of 12 at a 3-0-3 tempo

It looks a lot more than it seems. Anyway, who thinks I am overtraining by performing volume and strength on the same day?

I think you would be better off ditching the DB squats for good mornings or glute/ham raises.

Not a big fan of good mornings, and I take it you mean glute ham raise machines…don’t have access.


Just curious, but what is your goal? There are many articles on this here site that can help point you in the right direction, wether you seek strength or mass gains.

Oh, and don’t forget to change your workouts every 3 or 4 weeks as well.

Or DB RDL. No point in doing DB squat when you’re already doing barbell squat but you can do single leg workouts for reps like 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps. I think Eric C or Robinson covered this in detail in one of the articles last month or so.

I know I would be overtraining if i did that, thats really for you to decide though.

It all depends on you. I agree with Jared on the switch from dumbbell squats over to GMs… no program is complete without them. Training volume depends on intensity, training maturity, and recovery. Obviously the newer you are to the game, the less volume you can normally do before getting before passing your threshold, but it has been my experience that many times, newer players have a much different idea of high intensity than say, someone who is a few years into it. With this said, if you are just starting out and you are truly pushing your sets and keeping your resistance intense, good mornings squats, and perhaps hanging leg laises should be plenty for one day. Really.

Oh I forgot to say that I am no newcomer to training.
I am prodominantly ectomorph at 178cm. I weigh in around 73kgs now. My goal would be 50/50 size and strength…maybe leaning a little more towards strength. I think my legs are stronger than what they look, but I ain’t batman.

Do all of you train GM or are some of you a bit weary of lumbar strain? I pulled my back once from a Dead so I try and keep hip flexion greater than 60 degrees.

I usually perform single leg squats I just decided to change today.

[quote]dooley wrote:
Not a big fan of good mornings, and I take it you mean glute ham raise machines…don’t have access.[/quote]

There are a ton of variations on good mornings, and a ton more hamstring exercises. Maybe you’d like one of them.

Also there are a lot of ways to improvise a glute-ham raise bench. You can use the typical decline/flat abdominal bench by wedging a towel above your ankles between the pad, you can use certain lat pull down stations with a spotter, you can use pretty much anything you can cram your feet/heels underneath and is bolted to the wall or floor, or you can have someone hold your ankles (which is kind of gay but better than nothing).

RIT Jared

If you had to ask …you know it’s to much.