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Is This Too Much?


Due to bad knees (sports as youngin)and a bad hip (motorcycle accident) I haven't done any leg work in my routine. Now I am starting to do legs with light weight to make sure I have proper form and no pain. What I want to do is Leg press & lunges on Monday, Dead lift & ham curls on Wednesday, Squats & leg extentions on Friday. Is that too much leg work in a week, or is that okay to start out with and then once I start adding weight to drop back to once or twice a week? My legs have some catching up to do, but I don't want to try so fast that I end up working them too much and burn up my knees again.


There are lots of other variables, but I don't think that is too often, if you start low volume and low intensity and gradually increase the volume and intensity. You can always re-evaluate after a few months.


Slow and steady wins the race.

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