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Is This Too Much?

heey. A chat with a PT at my gym today left me feeling confused about my routine. He was saying something about not leaving enough recovery time and how it would negatively impact on my gains. Im a drug free lifter, been lifting for a while on-off. However only recently about month or two i have drastically improved my diet, consistency in exercise and making sure i get enough sleep.
So my question is, is the following routine too much for my body to recover from, to get optimal gains from my workouts?

i do:
Mon: rack deads
bb rows
incline bench
pull ups (or pull downs)

Tues: squat
leg curls
calf raise
3 core exercises

Wed: overhead press
lateral rises
shoulder flys
plate raises
bb curl
close grip bench
db hammer curl
skull crushers

Thur: off

This is one ‘cycle’ which gets repeated. As for set/reps, i alternate between cycles so one would have 4 sets of 4-6 reps and other would have 3 sets of 10 reps. Also every cycle i change the emphasis from one antagonistic muscle to the other. So for chest/back, one cycle i’ll do one (2 or 3 if im feeling food) more exercises for chest and next cycle one or two more for back. Same with legs/abs and shoulders/arms.

Iv been doing this for about month and a bit now and i feel great, always try to either get out more reps then last time or add more weight. What you guys reckon? Should i put in extra off days or cut out some exercises or as they say “why fix it if it aint broken?”

Cheers guys

if you’re getting results, whatever.

not too long ago when i started lifting i did a program with a lot of volume, lot of intensity. it was a good way to get used to lifting. when i got stronger, i had to scale it back because i couldn’t recover. if you feel overworked or drained on a consistent basis, then you should think about changing it up. if not, keep going until you do.

you could probably get the same results with a smaller program, but that’s up to you.

otherwise, i think your program could use a few exercise changes, but that’s not what you’re asking.

im open for suggestions…

btw whats an indicator of sub-par recovery?

i’d include the deadlift on leg day. it’s a staple. if you change to a smaller program, you’ll be glad you know how to do it. it will also balance out hip movement/muscles… or something. i’d also get rid of two exercises on wednesday, just to keep the volume in line with everything else. i’m also a fan of a single arm clean and press after the shoulder press.

poor recovery is pretty obvious. you’re missing lifts that you usually make, your brain hurts and doesn’t want to work, you’re getting sick. i like to think of it as one of those dreams where you’re trying to run and can’t… but in reality.

if you miss a lift and are stunned by how much you failed… blame recovery and take time off. look at your diet/sleep/whatever and see if you can find a problem. if not, it might be your workout.

if you don’t want to change your program, you can always eat more.

heeey cheers for the reply

i wasnt sure about putting deadlifts after squats. i go hard on squats so i thought extra stress on my lower back = bad. Thats why iv got rack deads on chest/back day to make up for deadlifts.

IN terms of bad recovery, so far im going up in weights/reps so i guess to just keep on trucking till i keep on stalling?

Right now im eating just abit over 4000calories, mainly from fat and protein, trying to keep carbs for brekkie and pre/post workout…

anything could be ‘better’ but from here it looks decent.

I always say enjoy yourself first, like learning things from listening to your own body. I think that would be ok for you because it seems you have a decent program ‘in the works’. On the other hand, if you had a bunch of barbell curls and leg extensions…

good luck mate! :slight_smile:

dont go crazy looking for “The Program”. Lift hard, eat, and get a good amount of sleep. Learn to listen to your body. Your body will tell you how your training is doing. Until you stall on progression and its not diet related there is no need to change anything although I’m partial to deadlifting.

Good luck

[quote]Dule wrote:
btw whats an indicator of sub-par recovery?[/quote]

A lack of results is the most obvious indicator.

There’s no reason to worry about this if you are making acceptable progress.

[quote]Geraldo105 wrote:
if you don’t want to change your program, you can always eat more.[/quote]

Unless the OP isn’t eating enough in the first place, eating more will do nothing to speed recovery.

The key then is determining what is “enough,” which goes back to my prior post on whether he’s making acceptable progress. If he’s progressing, it’s safe to say that he’s eating enough.

However, making better food choices, while still consuming the same total calories, may make a difference as long as he’s consuming enough in the first place.