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Is This Too Much?

Hey folks, I am pretty new here so first I just want to say hi.

anyhow, I recently started going to the gym regularly and was wondering if this general workout plan is too much? Its a 4 day cycle that goes like this:

day1: Chest/ Arms
day2: legs
day3: Shoulders/ Back
Day4: rest

With each of these groups I do 5 or 6 exercises with a 5x5 approach. so what I want to know is, is this too much and am I over training or is this OK?

Whether or not you are over training is going to rely largely on your eating/sleeping. A body part split for someone who is only just beginning to train (seriously) though… I don’t see how you could possibly over train.

as long as you eat enough and progress in the basic exersices anything can work. One thing I would say is to use a broad range of rep ranges and if that’s you in your avatar it is time to eat.

Good luck with your efforts

Damn! 5 or 6 using 5x5?!! i used to train like this and wondered why i was so tired and not seeing ANY gains…

cut the volume in half! or more, make your core lifts 5x5 and your accessory work 2-3 sets of 7.

For ex) This is my Chest/ TRicep workout


  1. 5x5/ Bench [ 80-85% max]
  2. 3x5-7/ Incline Dumbbell Press
  3. 3x5-7/ Dips with weight or Close Grip Bench

And keep it SIMPLE not too many exercises or too many reps or you will burn out quick!.. u can try that one and

tell me how it works for you

I would be more worried about what you are going to eat instead of what you are going to lift. What does your meal plan look like?

why make up your own programme just find one already made and is known to work very well e.g 5-3-1