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Is this Too Much?

Workout Routine

2 Minutes Rest

35 Reps of Heavy Weight per Exercise (Day 1)
40 Reps of -5LBS - 10LBS per Exercise (Day 3)
45 Reps of -5LBS - 10LBS per Exercise (Day 5)

Goto Failure then Rest Pause 3 seconds for 1 More Reps then to Failure

Upright Row Curls (Biceps), Workout 1
Military Press (Triceps), Workout 2

Rows (Biceps), Workout 2
Lat Pulldown (Biceps), Workout 1

Varying Angles of Incline Dumbell Press (Triceps), Workout 1,2

Skull Crushers, Workout 1 (End of Workout)

Squats (Ass), Workout 2
Leg Extension Machine, Workout 1

Leg Curls Machine, Workout 2
Straight Legged Deadlift (Ass), Workout 1

Ab Machine, Workout 1,2

Leg Press for Calves, Workout 1,2

Reverse Forearm Curl, Workout 1,2

How are we possibly supposed to know if this is too much without all of your information: diet, supplements, sleep patterns, health concerns…

Just try it and let us know, as opposed to asking us to analyze your whole life.

notes: your replace squats with leg extension and your replace deadlifts with leg curls <— not the same thing at all. You use an arbitrary ab machine that we dont know anything about. you do leg press for your calves, do you mean calve raises on a leg press machine?.. so unnecessarily complicated, if you were advanced enough to NEED a workout program this complicated then you would know if it is too much volume and intensity.

Off Topic - Your avatar is awesome. Such a great movie.
On Topic - I don’t feel like reading it all, so just do more squats.

I know some will say I am being repetitive, but there is no way to answer your question without understanding what you mean by the poor phrase, “go to failure.”

Do you mean actually failing? Going for another rep, seriously trying for it, it gets stuck, you try your best, it won’t go: you have failed to complete it?

If that is what you mean then absolutely not. Do not train all your sets this way. For strength purposes I would recommend training NONE of your sets this way, that is to say, with actual failure occurring. It should be a rare accident.

Or do you use the phrase “go to failure” to mean NOT going to failure, absolutely no failure being involved?

For example ending the set because you think you can’t get another rep.

If so then it’s okay to have a number of sets, perhaps (but not necessarily) every final workset or if doing very many sets and aiming for the same number of reps, several of the last worksets being as many as could be done. Done successfully, without failure.

I suppose if it makes you feel better to say that that’s “going to failure” you can, but it certainly isn’t clear communication.