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Is This Too Much Volume


First I'd just like to say thanks I'm really enjoying the new book.

Anyway I'm starting up 5/3/1 after some time away on it and have a couple questions regarding the volume.

My basic set up would be to use dynamic sets to eventually work up to my work sets and the PR set. (Always worked well for me in the past)
I would then finish with some joker sets and then the "first set last sets" 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps. Both autoregulated on how I feel.
I will superset all sets including dynamic work with antagonistic sets as suggested in the book. From what I read I think I'm pk so far.

Now my questions are is it too much to add 3-5 sets of 8 of "boring but big" style at the end of this as listed in template two. For example on overhead press do bench, on bench day do overhead, on deadlifts do leg presses and on squat day do good mornings.

The reason for this is that my TM's aren't that high and I seem to detrain between workouts and felt I needed more volume. I'm assuming the physical stress isn't that high.
TM is 365 for squat and deadlift.
For upper body due to torn rotator and labrum I will use behind neck press because believe it or not its not as painful as military press for a TM of only 165.
Instead of flat bench I have to use a slight incline also to compensate for pain with a TM of 200.

Do you think adding the boring but big sets at the end is too much? And also do you feel there is too much overlap with the behind neck press and slight incline?

Sorry for long post. Thanks.


It's way too much.

Your issue is a mental one due to the fact that you feel you detrain almost immediately after you train. That's something you need to work through and not my area of expertise.

Don't "behind the neck press" either.

Get your shoulder FIXED. That is one of our rules of being happy - not living with an injury that CAN be fixed. Do it now because whatever you are doing now, for example changing the exercise, is putting a limp band-aid on a gaping wound.


Ok thanks a lot for the advice. Yeah deep down inside I always felt like I might be a stimulant junkie, constantly needing to train something. Not good timing for surgery right now in my life but know I have to eventually fix it. Had it done once already but Dr claimed it can never be fully repaired and will just keep fraying as the years go on if I continue to work out. Not what I want to hear or willing to accept right now.

I realize injury Q and A is not your thing but just out of curiosity have you heard of any cases of unrepairable rotator cuffs due to it fraying like hamburger meat