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Is this too much to ask...?

For quite a while now I’ve been asking management at my local gym to shift the squat rack so it’s not on a mirror join. No huge deal, but the mirrors are curved to make people look bigger (or perhaps thinner…) and I find it quite off-putting as my bodies all scewed out of shape. And I really don’t wanna be off-put when I’m squating! Was it too much to ask for it to be shifted slightly???

So eventually, the whole gym is re-oganised, and the squat rack is moved, but before I even get inside to see it the guys that run the show take me aside to tell me it’s been moved, but take great pains to point out that it was NOT becuase I recomended it, it was because they wanted it! And that’s pretty much their own words. They say there’s no mirror in front of it any more, but they’ll get one soon. That was a month ago. So now I’m hassling them again. Is it too much to ask for a mirror (personally I feel it’s a safety hazard not having one there…), or for it to be moved again???

Or, should I just quit whinging…? [grin[

Also, keep in mind that the boss/owner fired my arse for knowing more than him, and couldn’t handle being corrected… “…excuse me boss, just tell me again why people shouldn’t use post workout shakes all the time…” Wanker!

Am I alone in wanting to hurl various bars and plates at my gym owners head…???

you are better off without the mirror. your head should be up when you are squatting for safety and proper technique. if you are looking in the mirror, then you are not looking up. i was my gym would remove the mirrors from around the squat racks.

I think the urge to fling plates at you boss (or ex-boss) is pretty much universal. About the mirror thing - no, it’s not too much to ask. If you’re a paying member, it’s your right to lodge complaints and submit suggestions. Personally I find a mirror in front of the cage distracting. I have a tendency to watch my legs during the motion, or look around at something to take my mind off the pain in my legs/back, throwing off my form. More power to ya if you can keep form with a mirror.