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Is this Too Much? Plus I need a Routine


Hi guys

ok to the point.
Ive always worked out a bit just never took it real serious, but Now I want to gain
more muscle. I was looking around to see if I could fine a picture of what I want to get up to So I found this dude, No homo but This is What I would like to look like and nothing bigger , thats good enough for me even getting up to 2/3 that body.

Thats his Youtube channel you can see his vids.

That ref above is just so you guys can Give me a Good Routine to start, As I joined the Gym 2 weeks ago and Have only gone 4 times, I just go in and do everything until I'm dead tired.
( Yes I know thats not good, but I was just testing all the gym equipment thinking once I got home I could come up with a good weekly routine. but no. I need help making one.

I'm 5"11 and right now 145 pounds. 19 Years old.

This is What I can do

*Bench press My max is 235 pounds Just 1 good rep.

this is what I did 2 days ago actually is this to much or ok?

Warm up but I'll count it 135 X 12
155 X 9
165 X 8
-right after this went on the rug did 25 push ups.
185 X 7
195 X 6
215 X 4
--another 25 push ups
225 X 2
235 X 1
--20 push ups
all this above in 1 hour 15 minutes, I think The TV in front of me made me take long breaks.
I felt like a tight Monster though, got a good ass pump going

I have a bench press at home I didn't do this at the gym - have no spotter and I like working out alone. My bench press has the safety shit thing encase I cant lift it up no more.
( So Since I have 315 pounds of weights and a nice bench press I'll stick to doing this at home and not at the gym )

what else can I say,

**I can do pull ups - 26 is my record
and 6 with a 40 pound Dumbbell
(Good Ones)

Dont know if any of this is impressive to you guys, most likely not, but At my high school I was the Man. Small class of 12 lol.

*Legs - Geez I really need to start taking leg workouts serious, at the school Gym I worked them out just 1 time every other week. I don't really like working out legs but KNOW I GOT TO.
don't want to have a big body and chicken legs, which Holy hell at the gym I saw this Giant dude and His Legs where The size of MINE! Geez dude was like My age too. That didn't look good either, so I dont want to be that guy. Even though right now I pretty much am that guy as I work out chest, abs, triceps and biceps like all the time. =/

Pretty much guys I need a workout plan.

Help me out.


oh and Ive been taking Whey Isolate protein for the last 3 months, sadly Ive only gained 5-8 pounds..what the fuck!

1 or 2 shakes a day, 25 grams of protein each shake.

I hear you should take more, but since I was in school taking more then 2 a day Gave me INSANE KILLER GAS so I didn't want to harm nobody.

But now its summer, 2 months to Get huge and drink all the whey I want! need.


C'mon dude? Go back and read the stickies.


This is nowhere close to being your first post...


1st topic I started or whatever its called.

-edit fixed.

and stickies, yeah I'll have to search for those, just wanted to post this to see if anyone gives out a good workout routine


Im just a beginner myself and im working through the Starting strength program.

Ive read a few programs but cant say i have seen one that is just push ups and bench press. i think most of the programs work around the big compound lifts like deads and squats and rows etc as well as doing the bench.

hope this helps


You don't have to search for the stickies, they're right at the top of the beginner forum.


No searching needed for stickes, because they are stuck at the top of the forum.

Do a traditional, time tested strength training routine until you are no longer a beginner.

The aforementioned program should revolve around, in this order, Squats, Deadlifts and Bench.

Typical rep/set ranges for this program should be 4-8 reps for 3-6 sets. This doesn't include warm-ups.

It should also contain an vertical push (o/h press), a horizontal pull (rows) and a horizontal pull (chins/pull ups)

And eat eat eat eat eat eat eat

Hope this helps.


alright Found the stickies, should have seen that 1st. and thanks tassietaekwon all that sounds good to me


Yeah dude, that guy is jacked and you will be lucky to look like him in 5 years of consistent training with good diet. Good luck and do your fucking squats!


fucking squats got it =)


And fucking deadlift! :slight_smile:


And Fucking deadlift for sure man!

I got my old bench 40lb rusty bar and like some rusty old 45 plates, so I'll use these out in the backyard.
Once I can do a good amount I'll do it at the Gym,

by the way Is there really a day were everybody does something?
Like I saw here on the site that Monday everybody bench presses, what else?
So I dont do that at the gym ( since i guess it will be too crowded at that area )


Everybody here curls in the squat rack on Mon, Wed, and Fri so if you want to do squats, you better clean it off the floor. jk

Add cinder blocks to your rusty bar for a good 25-100 extra pounds. Also buckets full of sand work pretty good too. No need to weigh them, just add sand.


At my gym everybody curls on Sunday through to Saturday, so If you were planning to do anything with the 10 to 15kg db's you better think of an alternative real quick.

Anyway, so long as you take the advice to squat and deadlift heavy seriously, then you'll be alright :wink: