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Is This Too Much for Me?

Hello everyone) I’m Mike and I am from Greece.
I am 28 years old 1.83cm/88kgs.
I start my first cycle : 3ml Testo cyp with 3ml BOLDONE, and 2 ml parapolan every week. I try to make gains starting from 95kg and now I am in 3 week and I am 88.5kgs… My fat is about 15%… I am starting to feel a litle pain in my niples in me boobs and I ask my trainer and he said that I must take Arrimidex 1mg eod and 2 times in week dostinex for 0.5 mg. My question is about is not to much for me?
My cycle will done in 8 weeks
Sorry for my bad English and thank you for reading))

That cycle is too much for you. You should have stuck to only 500 mg of Test Cyp. Did your trainer sell you the gear? You need a new trainer.

Wow 3mls … that must be a lot… or a little… or how the fuq should we know… it’s a volume.

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Being as tho your from Greece that cycle looks fine. Maybe add another 20mls

Not exactly my friend… He don’t take a cent for nothing…

1mg twice a week is a lot of Arimidex, BUTT you can just go buy it at the pharmacy in greece without prescription. I remember i got two boxes on vacation for 26euro each i think just last year?
yes its too much, why are you doing Tren on a first cycle? in addition to like 600mg T and Boldenone for what? way overkill for no reason.

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Yes my friend Arrimidex cost 26e 28 pills… I must speak to my trainer… Is to much for me…