Is this Too Much for Daily Work

I’m contemplating adding the following daily work 6-7x per week:

  • pull-ups or recline rows x 50 reps
  • push-ups or dips x 50
  • kb swings x 100
  • 6 x 40 yard sprints

The purpose of this training would be to build consistent exercise habits and build work capacity and strength endurance. My current training is greyskull lp 3x per week and easy cardio 2x per week. My goal is to increase strength (deadlifts, overhead press, squats, pullups, bench).

I’d do this as assistance work on GreySkull after the two main movements and only light cardio or other conditioning work on rest days.

That’s what I was thinking too.

I’d expect the biggest issue to be from doing swings and sprints 6-7 days a week, on top of frequent squats/deads. One or the other might be tolerable and not interfere with your lifting, but together, it’s asking a lot

Are the swings 100 straight reps or broken down into a few sets for 100 total like the upper body stuff? If it’s broken down into a few sets, and you keep the weight the same with the goal of eventually hitting 100 straight, that would lower the overall stress and be better suited to daily work.

If your goals are to build strength, consistent exercise habits, work capacity, and strength endurance, I don’t see how 40-yard sprints are necessary. You can drop them, stick with the rest of the stuff you mentioned, and be fine.

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