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Is This Too Much for a Cycle? 15 Weeks. Test, Dbol, NPP or Tren

Longest cycle I’ve run was 10 weeks long. Got a big powerlifting meet coming in October (IPL World Championships, untested of course). If I started the cycle next week it, the last pin would be the day after meet day. Would look something like this:
1-15 Test P 500mg/week
1-5 Dbol 50mg ED
5-15 NPP 500mg/week or Tren Ace 250-300mg/week
Is this too long?

This should be in pharma. For Test P 15 weeks is a long time.

What is your cycle history? If this is first cycle then this is a lot.

For strength, you should put the Dbol so the last week of the 5 you have planned is your meet. Dbol is good for strength, why not have it for your meet. I know a guy who literally takes a handful of Dbol (probably 20 pills) an hour or so before squatting. I don’t recommend this!

@mnben87 Thanks for your reply! I’m using test p because for me it is much easier to synchronize my training and competitions when I run short esters (I’m ok with frequent pinning). I also put dbol at the start of my cycle because I’m competing at 100kg and I haven’t got much wiggle room, so to kick start my strength gains I chose dbol until the npp/tren comes in (I don’t want to run it any longer than 10 weeks, even at a low dose) and until I will be competing, the water retention from dbol will be gone.

So far, the compounds I have used are Test P, NPP, and Dbol. 2 cycles in total.

And also, it is in the pharma category, powerlifting is the subcategory.

I have ran three Tren bulk cycles. first with Tren A I went 12 weeks. then two more cycles with Tren E for 16 weeks. Second cycle really dragged on the the sides were rough but I was also using 500mg/week. Your dosage would be better. I am on a NPP/Test/Dbol bulk cycle now and first time using NPP so cant tell you much on that one but your fine running tren 10 weeks. I am curious why you wnat to run Dbol/test then add in NPP. NPP takes a bit to kickin so using Dbol as a kickstarter while starting NPP/tren week 1 would be better but I also agree with mnben in that if your doing this for a meet start NPP/Tren week 1 then use Dbol starting week 9/10. You will have way more strength at the meet.

@tmac34 Thanks, man. I was thinking it would be better imo to do the npp/tren the last 10 weeks because then my last pin of npp/tren would be on meet day or one day after the meet where I’d be my strongest. If I would go with tren then I think the cycle would make more sense, dbol in the beginning because I can’t be gaining much more weight and don’t need any extra weight due from water retention + exactly when I’d end the dbol the tren would take over hopefully resulting in me getting stronger and leaning me out a little. So in my head kind of like steady strength gains throughout the whole cycle and using tren the last 10 weeks so I’d compete at my strongest and be able to make weight simultaneously. Also, is 15 weeks in total too long in your opinion? Thanks again!

15 Weeks is fine. As this is only your 3rd cycle stick to NPP or think about Masteron. If you havent used Tren before Mast has a lot more bang to it.

Personally I would just leave the Dbol out and make your last pin the morning OF the meet. No use pinning day after :smiley:

Can you elaborate on this? I am guessing you mean to pin before training? I really dont think this is as big of a deal as you think. Having steady levels through out training would probably be more ideal than trying to spike levels for a workout each time

Having said that I would use long esters as a base and pin Prop night before (~18 hours pre) and Tren Ace Morning of (6-10 hours pre) to maximize peak serum levels for that training session.

Also I would prefer Orals as a preworkout over injectables. Anavar would be a really good preworkout.

@BOTSLAYER Thanks for your input man! I understand what you are saying. Haha I thought to pin a day after just to recover easier from my meet. How much do you think a cycle like that could approx. add to my lifts?

I meant more like in the long term not before training. Prop gets to work quick and I don’t need to wait weeks to feel the effects. That way it is easier (for me) to plan out my training cycle and aas cycles. I hope I explained it a little better.

If you’re looking for immediate strength to start things off why not look at anadrol instead of dbol?

@iron_yuppie I was just thinking Dbol because I have some left over pills and thought it wasn’t as harsh on the body. How are the gains from anadrol in terms of actual gains and keepability if I would continue running npp/tren right after stopping it?

Aaahhhh. It couldnt hurt but probably wont help a ton either. I pin 100mg Prop every once in a while on top of my TRT if I think it will help recovery. Not sure how much it helps but I know it doesnt hurt :wink:

There is no way to say how much that cycle will add. Period. You could get an idea going off past experience but even then.

Probably high…ideally after adding the Tren/NPP you dont just keep those gains but keep building on them. I might run the Dbol/Oral a week or so into the Tren/NPP though.

Ok, I see what you mean. Thanks man!

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Hard to say, but the strength part is “keepable” in the sense that it’s a temporary boost that you can layer onto with the other compounds.

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700 test e 1-15
50 anadrol 1-5
400 npp 1-8
400 tren ace 10-15 optional
50 Anadrol 12-15

just my opinion
leaving the gap between npp and tren to avoid 2 nors over lapping

What if I added halo to the last 3 weeks for strength and no additional weight gain, since you don’t gain weight from halo? Would it be too much considering I’m already running an oral for the first 5 weeks?