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Is This Too Many Calories?


Newbie here,
Main question = Am I taking in to many calories in order to lose weight? (see diet plan below)

But first heres a quick bio:
6 foot 1 - 35 yrs old - 248lbs
Long time athlete but for the last 5 years, since my son was born, I have been a big time yo-yo dieter and I cant take living like that anymore. So now Im trying to get down to around 210lbs, mainly to look and feel good.

Ive been on this diet (see below) for over 1 week now and I love it but I would like someone to let me know if I am taking in to many P, F, C and calories in order to lose weight.

My first goal is to lose weight and my second is to gain lean muscle.
Feel free to tell me what I should add or takeout in order to achieve my weight loss goal.

P.S. - My wife is convinced that there is no way I will lose weight taking in this many calories. She thinks I will gain weight. What are your thoughts.
Please help!

7:30am = 1 Multivitamin + 2 HOT-ROX

Meal #1 8:00am
3 eggs
P-18 C-3 F-0 Calories=90

1/2 cup blueberries
P-0 C-16 F-0 Calories=60

1/2 cup oatmeal
P-5 C-27 F-3 Calories=150

2 scoops Biotest Classic Grow!
P-27 C-16 F-3 Calories=200

Meal #1 Total
P-50 C-62 F-6 Calories=500

10:00am (Monday thru Friday = 45 minutes of lifting with high reps and short intervals).

Meal #2 11:00am
2 scoops Biotest Surge
P-25 C-49 F-1.5 Calories=350

Meal #3 - 12:30pm
2 cans tuna
P-64 C-0 F-0 Calories=300

2/3 cup sweet potatoes
P-0 C-36 F-0 Calories=150

Meal #3 Total
P-64 C-36 F-0 Calories=450

1:30pm = 2 HOT-ROX with green tea
16oz green tea
P-0 C-45 F-0 Calories=170

Meal #4 - 3:30pm
2 cans salmon
P-48 C-0 F-24 Calories=416

1000mg flaxseed oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

1200mg fish oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

half cup veggies
P-3 C-4 F-0 Calories=30

Meal #4 Total
P-51 C-4 F-26 Calories=466

4:30pm [(15-30 minutes of cardio) (T,Th = 100m sprints & M,W,F = swimming)]

Meal #5 - 6:30pm
2 chicken breasts
P-34 C-2 F-14 Calories=260

1/4 cup walnuts
P-5 C-4 F-20 Calories=200

1000mg flaxseed oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

1200mg fish oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

half cup veggies
P-3 C-4 F-0 Calories=30

Meal #5 Total
P-42 C-10 F-36 Calories=510

Meal #6 - 9:30pm
half cup cottage cheese
P-14 C-6 F-0 Calories=90

1000mg flaxseed oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

1200mg fish oil
P-0 C-0 F-1 Calories=10

1 scoop(TR)protein drink
P-20 C-7 F-5 Calories=150

Meal #6 Total
P-34 C-13 F-7 Calories=260


Daily Total
Protein=266 Carbs=219 Fat=76.5 Calories=2706


Your perception is wrong...and so is your wife's. You can't predict someone's magic precise number of calories that will cause them to lose weight. Everyone is different. Not to mention the fact that WEIGHT shouldn't be the main issue anyway. A beginner might be able to gain weight while losing some body fat. You are focused on the wrong issue and your wife is jumping to conclusions. Unless you gain weight from that amount of calories, no one can predict whether you will or not.


That looks really good and healthy to me. I am a beginner also but perhaps I can help.

Are you drinking lipton Green Tea? If so, that has needless calories from high fructose corn syrup that goes straight to fat so thats something you can cut out, its small but all the small things add up.

I'm pretty sure that you can eat a lower amount of carbs and still preserve muscle mass. I'd say around 170-180 carbs a day would be good for weight loss.

With the amount of cardio and lifting you are doing, I'd say the amount of calories looks okay, you can maybe toy with it and go down alittle, but if you lack energy then push it back up alittle. Either way, I'd definitely lower carb intake somewhat.

I'm curious as to how you ate before this diet? Alot of junk, processed food? Or have you always ate healthy food, just ate them in too large amounts?


Yep, its lipton green tea.
Ill have to look for another green tea with lower carbs. thx.
In the past I tried a lot of different diets - went to the gym here and there - ate 3 meals a day and snacked at night.
I just fell into a rut with eating.


I think your intake is alright. After only one week you should not even be considering changing your diet in any drastic fashion unless you are gaining fat like nothing, which is not the impression I get. Give it some time and see what happens, then alter it if need be. I sincerely doubt that your wife is qualified to make such a judgement anyhow.

To echo Prof. Don't worry about the scale, I imagine that preoccupation has rubbed off from your wife. In fact, I'd suggest that you don't even look at it for a week or two.


I am taking almost the same macronutrients right now, and similar timing, and I'm 220. I am trying to lose fat, and it is working for sure. You have to be very strict with this diet, at most one cheat meal, nothing too crazy either per week. I will only stay on this for 6 weeks, and then cut the carbs to less than half on off days, and about 120 on lifting days, keeping everything else the same.

This diet looks very solid, just stick with it and you'll really see good results, it really gets tough come week 3 and 4 though, but stick at it!


I'd agree with this, didn't see that Green Tea, if so take it right after you workout, wait one hour then have the Surge, then two hours after this have your tuna meal.
Also why do your eggs have no fat? or are you eating egg whites?


Thanks for the info everyone.
Shakey D- I'm eating fat free egg beaters.


1gr of flaxseed oil? wtf?

Why don't you buy a bottle and down 1 spoon?