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Is this too Aggressive? First Meet

So I signed up for my first meet, and I would like some opinions on my goals for the meet. I have been training serious since last Nov. my meet is the end of Oct., however I have been training on and off most of my life since football in HS. I am now 30, 6’3" 308lbs. Goals and my gym lifts listed below. Thanks.

Meet Goals
Squat 507 lbs.
Bench 341 lbs.
Deadlift 606 lbs.

Gym lifts
Squat 495 lbs.
Bench 335 lbs.
Deadlift 565 lbs.

Everything looks mostly reasonable but that 40lb jump on the deadlift though.

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Depends. When were these gym lifts made? Do you have a training day solely dedicated to each lift? Important to remember that you’ll be benching after 3 heavy squats, and pulling at the end. A 40-lb PR off a fresh gym lift may not be feasible after a few max attempts during a long day. Do you have a plan for openers and seconds? Have you tested them yet? I am also competing in October and will start feeling out singles next week.

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I would agree but it seems every time i set a goal in the deadlift i smash it. Goal of 455 hit 495, goal 545 hit 565. My training for a 600 lbs pull has felt pretty good so far, not to taxing.

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Its definitely possible, but lots of factors to consider. You’ll probably know if you can hit it after your second attempt. If you’re 8/8, fuck it, go for it.

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At your size I’d say its possible but I would also say your more likely to get an even 25-30lbs on all the lift if you push them equally and that will be a better total

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I hit those numbers in june after a 6 month training cycle. I deadlift Tuesday, heavy bench Friday, squat Saturday, and speed bench/accessories Sunday or Monday depending on how beat up i am from Fri and Sat. I have an opener planned 2 seconds and 3 thirds options depending on how the day goes. Above are my top goals. I have worked long days in construction my whole life so i think i will far ok as far as stamina.

I have a squat day, deadlift day, a heavy bench, and speed bench day all with complimentary accessories. These lifts were hit in June, after a 6 month training cycle. I understand the process of the day of the meet, i think i will have an advantage from years of heavy construction. I am not comfortable really pushing my bench and squat on my first meet.

Up the freq of bench and squat and itll get them moving fast but you will have to go light at first or it could put you out

Open with what you can triple in gym first meet, bombing sucks , get on the board for each lift . Watch and learn.

The first two are reasonable.

I can see the deadlift as possible under very specific circumstances.

  1. You haven’t deadlifted in forever, but you built up your general hip hinge and back muscles so now you can just hone in on your form again and make big gains.

  2. You’re coming back from an injury.

  3. You just haven’t tested your deadlift in forever so I could be looking at something you did in the gym 6-12 months ago.

There might other circumstances that would make it doable, but unless someone is a beginner, I find it unlikely under normal conditions.

I am curious. How come bench and squat goals are so much more modest than your deadlift?

I am much more comfortable with my deadlift form, then the other two. I am trying to keep the squat and bench moderate so I still have some left in the tank for the deadlift. I get the point that your first meet you should focus on going 9/9, but I want to go for broke and hit a decent PR at least on one lift. My deadlift training leads me to believe I can hit a 606, I have hit 495 for 7 reps after a 6x4 working set, along with some easy 545 pulls. All that was with really no programming, just hitting each lift once a week. Now that I have a program and some goals I feel more confident. I feel like I am still getting the beginner gains, and/or truly finding my baseline on my strength.

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I think the additional unseen factor is “how hard was that 565 gym lift?”

I’ve been steadily building my deadlift up over the past year, and have hit a number of new 1RM’s along the way without yet missing a lift. Each time I’ve set a new PR, I have generally watched the video and thought “Hm, that looked easy, I’m probably good for more” but I’ve stayed the course and remained patient instead of just shooting for the moon every week. Since @mattlee mentions some “easy 545 pulls” and a 495x7, it’s possible that the most he has ever pulled at this time is 565, but his true max if he were to test it today is much higher (which really kind of follows from your 3rd point, that the 565 gym lift wasn’t a true “max” lift).


The 495 x 7 (RM calculator says 596 max, I have generally found it fairly accurate for me) was about a month after the 565 pull. I felt I could have went 585, but my training partner urged me to save it since I had made three PR pulls that day 535, 545, 565. I try to train heavyish weights for some reps before I step up to a max attempt that way I am usually capable of more that I am attempting. Or is this just me justifying to myself the bigger jump? I feel confident I just keep reading to take it easy at your first meet, having a hard time going to a meet to hit lifts I have made before or atleast pretty close.

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That’s your key right there. Great approach, don’t blow it all out on one day and stay consistent.

Agreed. I’m a little smaller but we’re at pretty similar places in our training (215 lbs, also an ex-HS and college football player, lifted on and off since then, started really pushing to gain strength last summer, and recently pulled myself a 500). I’ve basically done the same that you describe here, resisting the urge to go balls-out ahead of schedule, just taking my small PR’s as they come. If you are on the platform and already hit a clean 570 or something, then go big. Right now there’s no reason you have to change that goal - but you may need to adjust on meet day.

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Those are fine goals but I’d worry more about what your openers and seconds will be. Push the boat out on thirds and try to hit your goals.

Pick an easy opener. You really don’t know how you will be in a competition setting. The stress of competing could make things harder or they could really light you up and make it easier. Once you get your opener, set up your second to transition to your goal weight.

The good news is that they will all be meet PRs and if you don’t hit the number, you have no money riding on it :slight_smile:

For me, deadlift is a funny one. I’ve either hit PRs, like I have adrenaline bleeding out my eyes, or I shut off quickly.

Well, based off of that I think you’ve got it so long as you don’t choke. But if you choose good openers and 2nd lifts and come prepared I think you should have the confidence you need.

Good luck.

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At your size you pull conventional, i have a rep /max calculator i did in high school which is right on accept a few exercises, you should get it, get on the board first , let us knoe your results.

Not to rain on your parade but I would have you take your gym lifts as second attempts. Meet and gym are VERY different. Especially with the squat and depth judging.