Is this the Ultimate TRT Protocol?

Hi after my use of anabolic steroids in my young twenties my test levels never recovered… its now 7 years later and i have 200 ng/dl …i have clomid which raises it to 400 ng / dl, but its expensive and gives me mood swings, its still not optimal

i have read for several years about TRT now, i have read nelson vergels trt book and jay campbells trt book

also have talked with bodybuilders and some hollywood actress

they all say the same 100-200 mg testosterone a week divided by 2 shots

and after reading the trt books and listening to dr john crisler this is what i have concluded is the BEST trt option

monday 100 mg testosterone cypionate

tuesday 250 iu HCG

wensday nothing

thursday 100 mg test cypionate

friday 250 iu hcg

saturday and sunday nothing

also at 200 mg a week there is a chance that estrogen will raise , the trt books says 0.5 mg arimidex 1-3 times a week if necessary

or i can go 75 mg test on monday and tursday instead of 100

what do u guys think of this ? this is my main question

my other question is if its worth it to take trt if you have low/ "normal " test levels

as i said , with clomid i have 400 ng dl…but thats the average of a 80 year old man. im 27

i still dont feel optimal, im still fat whatever i do and i dont feel good. my erections are weak and rarely morning wood.

i dont have any problems with thyroid anymore. as i bet KSMAN will question me about thyroid…my doc is giving me 10 mcg a day with t3 which make me feel moore awake. and my thyroid is at perfect level now

so guys…is this protocol good ? and is it worth it to switch from clomid to injections ?
my only downside is loosing my hair lol. but im already loosing it without anything so it will go anyway

The top sticky explains the starting TRT protocol. 200mg/week is likely too much and can lead to sides. Its easier to manage by starting at 100mg/week and testing six weeks thereafter to see how your body responds. You can adjust from there, again, easier to do than starting too high.

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