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Is This the Right PCT and Cycle?

everyday 75 mg aspirin
daily 2 omega3

  1. day 500mg
    1-9 week test E 250mgx2
    250İu HCG enject the day after you enjected testE.
    1 letrozole every other day
    10-12 week test-P 100mg x3 in week
    250mg hcg monday - wednesday
    0.5 mg letrozole every other day
    week 12
    100mg testP monday - wednesday
    0.5mg letrozole tuesday- thursday

stop taking aspirin when you first day on PCT
1 letrozol 1 day before PCT
14week - start PCT
Omega 3 hergün every day 1 pill
first day 300mg clomid - 100 mg novaldex
30mg everyin 30 day clomid ,novaldex

these type of cycle and pct is the right way?

If that’s a standard 2.5mg letro tab then don’t use it, esp QOD. It’s the strongest of the typical AI and will crush your e2 even on 500mg T. Do you have any other options for an AI?

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Also what’s up with the giant SERM doses? Since you’re switching to short esters at the end of your cycle (why?), just wait 1 week after last shot and take 40mg Nolva for 2 weeks and 20mg for 2-4 more weeks. Much simpler

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I agree with @swoops39. What’s your goal in switching esters of test? Trying to minimize downtime between last inject and pct?

Sure,That’s fine.

Uh, no. Just no. I doubt you need 1 total per week. Probably none is the best choice.

If you want.

Again, no. Just no.

No, and the cycle is a bit short anyway.

And before I forget:

How about, just don’t start. Harebrained plan there.
PCT is as the others said.

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What medicine should ı use on cycle ?
And break between cycle and pct what ı have to do and on pct what do u suggest , and aspirin isnt a good idea?

Yes before start pct ı dont want wait to much , if ı start pct early ı dont lose my gains is it right logic? Or its not required

I would just use your HCG during the last weeks during the test p weeks. 500iu EOD is a good dose IMO. Running it during the whole cycle will give little benefit, and will make e2 more troublesome.

I would not use the ai unless you need it, and if you do need it, start with about half the pill total split though the week. I would go light on the ai, and lower the dose, or skip one shot if issues occur. Once issues go away, you could bump back up on the test.

The serms are overkill. The advice others have given you on that is better, and won’t have as bad of sides.