Is This the Right Idea?

I have currently got a ligament or tendon damage in my wrist which limits what I can lift on the upper body lifts. I am going to my first rehabilitation session in the next week I’m hoping it won’t take to much time to get it sorted out. For my workouts I am running stronglifts 5x5, however due to the wrist problem I have only been using the squats and deadlifts from the program. Before I came across the program I tried to deadlift 80 kilos but my wrist gave in. I found stronglifts and started to squat using 55 kilos and started my deadlift at 30 kilos (the lighter weight did not cause my wrist to ‘give in’).

I am now up to 100 kilos on the squat and 102kilos on the deadlift without wrist pain. I think as my technique has got better and my legs stronger the weight is not hanging from my wrists and I am using my legs and traps to lift the weight. Because of this I started the other exercises on 5x5 with just the empty bar with the theory that if the muscles get stronger my wrist wont be ‘taking the weight’. I don’t know if this is a good idea as I cant tell because I am only lifting 20 kilos on the other exercises so the weight is not high enough to put any significant strain on my wrist yet. If it does I will stop instead of making the injury worse. I am also doing loads of push ups and pull ups as this does not strain my wrist, I have got a dip belt to add extra weight and at the beginning of the month I started the 10 000 push ups in a month routine, I do them in sets of 20 and after the set of 20 push ups I do 10 pull ups.

So to summarise I am squatting 3 times a week adding 2.5kg each workout, deadlifting once or twice a week also adding 2.5kg each workout, I have just started to add in the other exercises on stronglifts and I am doing the push up and pull ups everyday, and may start to add weight with the dip belt. My question is, does this sound like a good sort of routine to be doing considering my injury, and also could I be doing something better than 5x5 squats for legs. I am looking for leg strength and hypertrophy, I have made good strentgh gains with the 5x5 method but maybe feel there is better way to induce leg strength and hypertrophy. Or should I carry on with the 5x5 method until I reach 130kg squat then move to the smolov for squats routine as suggested by the 5x5 program? I know the post is long but I want to be sure I am doing the right thing and not risking burn out? Any help advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

If you are adding 2.5 kg every workout, 3 times a week, on your squat, I’d say you’re progressing just fine. 5x5 is a good balance of hypertrophy and strength. I would stick with it as long as you’re seeing such fantastic results.

As far as the injury goes, it’s hard to know for sure, but if the workouts aren’t exacerbating the injury, I wouldn’t worry about it. Generally speaking, you’ll know when to back off for injury reasons.